Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2nd letter

June 20, 2011

Hola Famila y Amigos!

Its so crazy that I've been here for 2 weeks already!... it feels like yesterday I was sitting at home watchin’ TV.  I’m definitely not doing that now haha... if only... but I’m doing great! My knee is totally fine mom... gee wiz... It was just a little tender that’s all and now I’m back to my top physical condition. 

Tell Rick not to be nervous. The mission life is tough but its SUPER rewarding. He's going to make so many new friends and learn SO much.  Hahaha I can only imagine how much fun he's going to have learning the language.... he can barely speak English haha el chiste (joking)! He's going to be fine!  Except I forgot when he leaves... I really want to send him a letter so he can hear from me right when he gets there.  So please tell me.  Also tell me when Skousen leaves. Oh and that’s so freaking crazy! He saw someone die?! I would have been freaking out for sure....

It’s also really good to hear that Grandma Stewart is still doing well.  She's definitely a fighter.  Tell her i love her ok?

Haha tell Grandma Thorpe thanks for her letter, it made me laugh so hard! haha she's the best!  I'll try my best to write her when I have time.

This week I've felt like I’ve kinda plateaued in my progress, which is good to find out now because now I can work hard to get back on track.  Don't worry I’m not like being a bad missionary.... I’ve just felt like I don’t have any focus.  I'm focusing more on how tough everything is with the language and the lessons and everything that I’ve forgotten that I am a missionary and that’s just how it is.  With the Lords help I’ll be able to get going again.

Moms Questions: 1.The language is fine haha. 2. Elder Hasler and I have our own room because we just got lucky.  We'll probably get some roommates once the next district in our zone leaves though. 3. Everyone in my district got here on the same day. 7 of us are going to McAllen, 4 are going to Guatamala, and 1 is going to Colorado Springs (he went to MV and we know a lot of the same people.  All of us get along great. 4.Yes that razor was mine, and thank you so much! I needed to shave that same day I got it. 5. Richie sent me a hand written letter with some Pokemon cards in it. He told me to catch ‘em all!... and I will.  I wrote him back but Canada is having some postal strike... so... he might not get it for a while..... 6. Yes its ok for my friends to send me letters on DearElder, I just can’t write them back on there. I actually got one from Carmen the other day, and that was awesome! Tell everyone to write me I love hearing from them!

uhh.... I’m running out of time so I cant really ask you guys any questions... darn.  Just tell my friends to write me, and that I love them and I love you.  It takes time to write letters so I might not get back to them right away, but I WILL respond. I promise! I love writing letters too... haha go figure.  Tell Chase he can expect a letter, and tell Madi she owes me one because those 2 that she wrote when she was bored weren't in response to my letter. If she complains tell her "Too freaking BAD!"

Sunday was Father’s day and I just wanted to say I have the best dad in the world! He is a total dork sometime hahaha but he is my hero! I probably wouldn’t be here without his example and guidance. Happy Father's Day dad. Te amo mucho!

I almost didn’t get to finish this email.  You only get 30 minutes and I didn’t send it before that time was up, so I was freaking out, but then my awesome Zone Leader Elder Ames let me use the last 2 minutes of his time.

I love you all and i love being a missionary!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The First Letter!

June 14, 2011

Hey Mom! (and everyone else) I’m really sorry.... I’m fine! I wrote a letter to you guys the second day, but I couldn’t send it because it was the weekend... I sent it on Monday, so it should get there by today, maybe sooner... I don’t know. ANYWAY... I’m totally fine here in the MTC. The only problem I had was on the first night, because I couldn’t sleep very well, but that was expected. Other than that I am eating really well, sleeping well now.  I know you were probably really worried but just know that I’m doing fine. 

Mi companeros nobre es Elder Halser (notice my awesome spanish skills).  And like I said in my other letter he reminds me a lot of Jake Berlin.  He's from a small town just South of Portland, Oregon and he has a really strong spirit, which I love about him.  Hopefully he doesn’t fall down a hole and explode. Unfortunately, he didn’t watch much TV as a kid so I cant quote things as often to him... which is killing me hahaha. He is really clean and obedient which is going to keep me in check. 

My district and zone are amazing! I’m making a lot of new friends and loving the time I spend with them. Austin was right, it’s basically like a giant sleepover.... not that I would know what that’s like.... Oh and I was made District Leader last Thursday. I'm SO grateful for the opportunity to serve my district, and show them how much I love them.

Moms Questions: 1.Our room is good. It’s just me and Elder Hasler in there so we both got the bottom bunks. 2. My P-day is on Tuesdays so... today. 3. The white shirts you got me are great.  4. I do really miss you guys like crazy haha but ill be ok no worries!  5. I'm definitely balling it up in GYM time.

My Questions:  1. How are my other friends? Tell them to freaking write me!!  2. How are Grandma and Grandpa Thorpe? 3. How is Grandma Stewart?  I heard she was doing better and eating footlongs and stuff, but what does that mean for her? Uhhh... Please send me some pictures of you guys and junk.

I don’t know what else to say other than I love you and I know that Lord is blessing you for my service! I’ve seen God's love for me so many times since I’ve got here. Yesterday I was having a really hard day and I was struggling with the language and feeling a little discouraged. Then I got the mail, and saw letters from you, and one from Richie too haha, and i felt so blessed at that moment. I read your letters and cried (I’m trying not to cry now in front of everyone in here haha). Thank you SO much for helping me get by. 

I’m really sorry I wish I could send some pictures with this email but I’m running out of time... I will do it next time though for sure! I love you guys so much! Please keep writing me, because you never know when I need help.  Tell everyone I say Hi! I love the Lord. I love my Family. And I love being a missionary

Elder Stewart

Friday, June 10, 2011


If you would like to send Jordan a letter through www.dearelder.com, here are your instructions. After signing up for your dear elder account, click write a missionary, select Provo MTC, fill out your mailing information, where it says elder type in Jordan Stewart, box 297, date of departure 8/8/11, and then you type your letter and there you go! Letters should take a day to get to him.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Want to Write a Letter?

MTC address:
Elder Jordan Thorpe Stewart
Texas McAllen Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah, 8464
Box 297