Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter 23

Hola mi amoroso familia y querido amigos,
Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I am full of the spirit of Thanksgiving this week. I love it! Anyway... I ran a little long today on some Emails... So this one might be short... I usually end reading moms because its so nice... but I think I need to stop that and read it first so I can write more for you. Sorry................
Anyway.. I bought a head light and a back light and Borther Zuniga is going to get us some reflector tape or something like that. I'll be bright as the 4th of July!!
Yes I got to see that memorial broadcast it was pretty good. The reception was terrible and I missed some parts but it was still good and i felt the spirit.
I picked up my package. Was that sweater really that much?
I think that im just going to have to send you a letter this week by hand... Im all out of time... Im so sorry! I love you and Ill talk to you next week!

Letter 22

November 14, 2011

To my amazing family and friends,

I never knew those two Elders that lost their lives last Tuesday in my Mission, but I know that they were good missionaries and they didn’t do anything wrong. I know now more than ever that The Plan of Salvation is real. We have a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior, and all that they want is for us to come back home safely. They have provided a plan for us to do this. A loving plan. A perfect plan. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. I know that he paid the price for all of us so that we can return to Him. He has paid the price for Elder Strong and Elder Walker and they are with Him. I know with all of my heart that these things are true.
But, these experiences really do let us see just how fragile life is. Just how easily relationships can be severed. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Show them. Don't wait. President Monson quoting William Shakespeare said, "Those do not love that do not show their love." He also said, "Never let a problem to be solved be greater than a person to be loved." Please follow this wise counsel from the Lord's prophet. I love all of you. That is the first thing that I thought of when I heard about this incident. But I know they are ok. I know that their families will be ok. Now it’s time to learn and grow and move forward.

I knew Elder Harris. He was in the MTC with me but not in my district. He is a very strong guy and he will be fine too. He has a very strong testimony and this experience made it stronger. He is smiling all the way through it.

I also know Sis. Porter’s nephew here. He’s a really cool kid. I love him. I haven’t seen him since I got to Laredo but he's good too. I didn’t hear about that other thing.

I am wearing my helmet everywhere I go... even into appointments.... haha nah just kidding. But on my bike... Yes.

District Conference was really good. We just had 3 of the zones in our Chapel for the meeting with Elder Zivic. He's a really funny guy. I learned a lot. He challenged our Zone to do the Purification Challenge, which is basically just submitting your will to the mission 100% getting rid of all the things that can distract you. I'll do my best. 

Yeah I totally got the package... I just need to pick it up at the post office. I wasn’t there when it came so... Yeah. Looking forward to that. Thanks.

Madi is growing up too fast huh mom.... I know... weird. Pretty soon all your youngest kids will be out of the house and your two oldest will still be there. hahahaha! Couldn’t help it. I love you!!

I will buy as much safety equipment as I can. I think the members here are going to help us out. Our Branch Mission Leader, Brother Zuniga, is going to hook us up with a bunch of lights. So don’t worry!! I love you!

-Elder Stewart!!


Letter 21

November 7, 2011

Family and Friends.

GOLLY MOM! That was a long dang letter! haha I loved it! lots of meat. lots of meat.
SO... Beau and Courtney went to Spiderman and they LOVED IT huh?! I FREAKING TOLD YOU SO!! haha so there! Sorry I don’t have a lot of time. I spent it reading your long letter hahaha

I  didn’t have the CD and memory card ready so I'll send them later. Who has the horns? I'll write on the back of the next batch of pictures I promise.

My new companion Elder Vance is a great guy. We are doing a lot of work. He is from Nephi and he went to SUU before the mish.

The last week that Elder Wood and I had together we contacted this amazingly prepared woman named Monica. We had seen her on our way to work one morning sitting by a bus stop. We didn’t pull over to talk to her though because we were "too busy". We went on our way and worked for the rest of the day. It was around 8:30 and we were on our way back to our apartment, riding down the same street. We saw her in the exact same spot again. She hadn’t been there all day, I know, and there she was again in the exact same spot. After we rode past Elder Wood and I stopped and went back. Apparently God wanted us to talk to her. So we did. She and her two sons were looking for a church to go to. We set up a return appointment and Elder Vance and I taught her the Doctrine of Christ. She and her sons have a baptismal date for the 4th of December. They went to church yesterday and loved it. They know that is where they need to be. Just think what would have happened if we didn’t stop.

I know this is short but I gotta go.... I love you! Sorry I'll write more next week!

-Elder Stewart

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter 20

October 31, 2011

Hola Family and Friends

Wow mom you sure are curious... haha do I really have to answer ALL of those questions? Allright I'll try.
My companion Elder Wood is great. He has taught me a lot and I love him bunches. The reason why I don’t talk about him much is because I forget... haha imagine that. He really is a cool kid. He is a nerd... he had glasses but I helped him get some contacts (it was like the movies when the nerdy kid takes off his glasses and it turns out he was handsome after all!) hahaha... he loves video games and basically that’s all he did before he left. He has a big bum... but he’s not fat... We call it "The Donk". Anything else you want to know about him? hahaha He is getting transferred tomorrow though... so I will be getting a new companion. Elder Vance. Elder Hunt was his companion before and he told me he's a weird guy, but super diligent... so we'll see how that goes.

Elder Peterson is going home tomorrow. I gave him some stuff to drop off at the house.... just some little gifts.... AND..... PICTURES!!! YAY!!! hahaha. I bought some horns and got a CD of Christian Raps for Chase or Austin... I dont know who wants what... but they can figure it out... and then Madi's gift will come later... Sorry Mad I just didn’t find anything good enough for you yet. I will also be sending my old card with him... so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail.. that is too bad about Tanner’s. Boo....

That is super cool you’re doing a fun little get together with everyone’s parents! Shoot you need to send me some pictures of that! I need to know how everyone is doing! I was wondering what happened when I didn’t get my letters from my friends this week... I was super bummed. Those are the only letters I get... I sent some to Shayla and Shae the other week... but... they must be busy or something haha. Or they forgot..... who knows! Sorry Carmen I am still going to write yours!

My investigators change a lot mom... haha. Alex got a new job and now he doesn’t have time to meet with us.  Daisy moved. San Juanita is still hangin’ in there. We just had a lesson with her about the Restoration last night... and we're going to see her again tonight. The only thing is - is that she has ZUMBA class Monday- Thursday! Stupid freaking ZUMBA haha so we can only meet with her on like Fridays.  Deborah has learned basically everything she needs to in order to be baptized.... she is just scared. LAME. We got some new investies too... Chris is one. He was raised by his Grandparents. We taught him like twice and then his grandpa had an accident . He was flown up to the hospital in San Antonio where he was in a coma for like 3 days and then he and passed away. It was really hard for him and he hasn’t come back from San Antonio yet so we can teach him. But hopefully soon he will. We have been texting him though... so he's not alone.

I think its getting cold down here mommy. I need my sweater soon haha. Its like 60... but I've climatized.  I never wear my boots.... ever. hahaha they look weird.

I see my Mission President sometimes.... haha I don’t know... enough. He's cool. I'll see him again next week because Elder Zivic (one of the 70) is coming for a conference. So I'll ask him about Skype then I guess....

Anyway... I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and I hope I answered all of your questions! I love you good bye!!!

-Elder Stewart

Letter 19

October 24, 2011

Hola mi bonita familia y mis amorosos amigos

Wow it sounds like you’ve been having a pretty crazy week! haha sounds fun though! I’m glad things are still moving in Utah. AND Austin has been dating a girl? hmmm... I think I need to hear more about this sometime... still waiting on Chase... haha but what else is new? hahahahah jk jk Chase I love you. Your trying I know... hahaha Im sorry shoot... you and Austin just need to get married! But not till I get back... I want to be the ring boy... I called dibs! You can’t take that away from me!

Anyway.... Yes I accidently looked inside my Halloween Packet.... Thank you very much for the "costumes" haha. Now all I need is a leather vest. Do you think you could maybe send me one in my package..... I’m not kidding. I need one. So I can look like a Bounty Hunter. Like Sean on Psych. So yeah... Leather vest please... thank you.

Other things I need in my package.... Hmmmm... I don’t know. Surprise me! haha I love surprises! Except you don’t need to send me a Snuggie because I already have one. It’s a Superman Snuggie that some other Elder left in our apartment when we came in, and I claimed it. It looks like I am Superman! Its great!

I am planning on sending you guys a package with some mexican goodies and such. Maybe a bolsa for Madi. Some cowboy stuff for Austin and Chase... I don’t know... BUT inside I will put all of my pictures that I have taken! So there! You will have your request granted. "Ask and ye shall receive"

Yes there are white people in our branch down here haha. But yeah the majority are hispanic. Elder Wood and I have actually made really good friends with a family down here. The Illescas family. They are sooo awesome. hahah Sister Illescas is like my mom, and I bet we will probably eat Thanksgiving dinner at their house.... and probably some other houses too... members love us. Anyway... I’m going to tell the daughter who is Madi's age to add Madi on Facebook so they can be friends. She is planning on moving to Utah for school next year... so... yeah it would be good to have a friend there. I think Madi and her would really get along.

My investies are doing great. SanJuanita and her kids just need to find some time to meet with us. Every time we go by she is sleeping... because she is tired from her job. People down here really dont know how to schedule time very well. Anyway... we're still trying to meet with her. And the others are good too.
Deborah, one of our oldest investigators, is really making a lot of progress. Yesterday we talked to her about conversion, and what that means. We read her Mosiah 5:2 that talks about receiving a "mighty change of heart" and no longer having a "desire to do evil". It was a really powerful lesson and she has realized that the Lord has been answering her prayers, and more specifically has taken away her desire to smoke. She said that every time that she looks at a carton of cigarettes she feels sick and doesn’t want to smoke. This was an answer to her prayer... and mine. I had been praying for the exact same thing to happen, and it did. The Lord answers prayers. She is now reading her scriptures everyday and doing the things the Lord wants her too. She is becoming converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord and I know that this is the only true church on the Earth today. It has the power to change hearts and bring blessings that can’t be found anywhere else.

I love you! Write you next week!

-Elder Stewart

Letter 18

October 17, 2011

I’m really sorry about last weeks short letter... I was just a little rushed that’s all. If I didn’t have a girlfriend before the mission how the heck am I going to get one out here? Anyway... I’m sorry.

No I haven’t gained any weight. Which surprises me because I eat Tortillas ALL the time and they're basically just LARD and flour. But I guess I just have a fast metabolism or something. The bike and hot weather help too haha. I still look the same.

The reason I don’t send pictures here on the computer is because it will crash the whole server if I try. AND it hasn’t even worked for me yet so... no I’m sorry. I WILL get you some though. I’m thinking about sending a little package with pictures and other things I don’t need in there. What do you think? I think yes.

We've been getting into buying scented candles for our apartment, which is nice.

I've only been in the back of a truck once... and it was an emergency and it won’t happen again! I’m sorry... how the heck did you even know that....?  The tires are great. I swear I’ve said that like 2 times now. I run through thorn patches for fun now.

On P-days we come and do mail and then we play a sport (baseball, basketball, etc.) then we get our groceries. We have a washer and dryer in the apartment. And doing laundry is really easy... just found that out.

Yep I got grandma’s package. She is the best. I miss huggin’ my Grandma! LOVE YOU!! You too Grandpa! haha The truth is I don’t get a lot of letters from anyone... then again I haven’t had a lot of time to write anyone else (sorry Carmen!) but I will be better at that. I usually just look forward to the letter with all my friends letters. I love hearing from Rick! What a guy... I miss him! haha And Trent too he's a stud missionary over there in Iowa! I have been blessed with such great friends! Can I get Tanner's letters now too please? Thank you.

Do you need to buy and international stamp to send letters to Canada and Brazil? Or can you just put a bunch of regular stamps on there and call it good? because I really want to write Richie and Rick but I don’t know... so.... help me please haha.

Sundays: We go to Church (hopefully with investies), go to all the classes (sometimes we have to teach: Elder Wood taught Gospel Principles, I was the scribe!), eat lunch, then go out to work. I think I've told you that too before... You need to read my letters better! haha jk jk jk.

I can't Skype for Christmas. Sorry haha. BUT I can still call so... yeah. That’s cool. Austin am I still getting a Blake Griffin Jersey?

Transfers are happening at the end of this month after Halloween. Elder Peterson (Elder Hunts companion) is going home. I think that the rest of us in the apartment will stay another Transfer. I sure hope so too! Elder Wood and I started off with some really weak investies, but now I think we're hitting our stride and we can pull some good things out this next transfer.

The other day we met a couple walking their kid who are pretty cool. Estella who is the mom is the coolest though, mostly because her husband is "Atheist". She was raised Catholic but some stuff went down with her Grandparents and she was kinda turned off of church because of it. She said that she's just taking a "break".  BUT she told us she is interested in anything that brings families together. Hmmmm... I think we could help. After only like 2 short conversations we're basically best buds haha she invited us to her Halloween party, her daughter's birthday party, and to watch The Office. haha unfortunately we had to say no to The Office. Maybe next time....? No haha jk. She's cool though. I'll keep you updated.

Elder Wood and I had a pretty good finding week this week. We found like 3 other solid people besides Estella. I'm really excited and expect good things to come.  Sorry if I didn’t answer all of your questions but I do need to write Presidente Trayner!

Les amo muchisimo!!

-Elder Jordan Thorpe Stewart (Jord, Jordy, Jordypants, Chubs, The Thorpido, Jake Steel, etc.)

Funny story: Elder Wood and I were bikin’ down the street minding our own business when we see this guy coming towards us on a bike the opposite way. He was waving his hand around and so I thought he wanted us to move over, so I moved to the right side of the sidewalk. But the guy still stays like right in the middle of the sidewalk! He was going to hit us! So I swerved off into some grass and hit a rock. As the guy passed by we heard him yellin, "Virgin de Guadalupe! Santa Maria!" hahahahaha oh my gosh it was funny. What a jerk. Elder Wood wanted to chase him yelling,"Jose Smith!!" hahahaha but we didn’t... well there you go. Bye!