Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter 21

November 7, 2011

Family and Friends.

GOLLY MOM! That was a long dang letter! haha I loved it! lots of meat. lots of meat.
SO... Beau and Courtney went to Spiderman and they LOVED IT huh?! I FREAKING TOLD YOU SO!! haha so there! Sorry I don’t have a lot of time. I spent it reading your long letter hahaha

I  didn’t have the CD and memory card ready so I'll send them later. Who has the horns? I'll write on the back of the next batch of pictures I promise.

My new companion Elder Vance is a great guy. We are doing a lot of work. He is from Nephi and he went to SUU before the mish.

The last week that Elder Wood and I had together we contacted this amazingly prepared woman named Monica. We had seen her on our way to work one morning sitting by a bus stop. We didn’t pull over to talk to her though because we were "too busy". We went on our way and worked for the rest of the day. It was around 8:30 and we were on our way back to our apartment, riding down the same street. We saw her in the exact same spot again. She hadn’t been there all day, I know, and there she was again in the exact same spot. After we rode past Elder Wood and I stopped and went back. Apparently God wanted us to talk to her. So we did. She and her two sons were looking for a church to go to. We set up a return appointment and Elder Vance and I taught her the Doctrine of Christ. She and her sons have a baptismal date for the 4th of December. They went to church yesterday and loved it. They know that is where they need to be. Just think what would have happened if we didn’t stop.

I know this is short but I gotta go.... I love you! Sorry I'll write more next week!

-Elder Stewart

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