Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter 20

October 31, 2011

Hola Family and Friends

Wow mom you sure are curious... haha do I really have to answer ALL of those questions? Allright I'll try.
My companion Elder Wood is great. He has taught me a lot and I love him bunches. The reason why I don’t talk about him much is because I forget... haha imagine that. He really is a cool kid. He is a nerd... he had glasses but I helped him get some contacts (it was like the movies when the nerdy kid takes off his glasses and it turns out he was handsome after all!) hahaha... he loves video games and basically that’s all he did before he left. He has a big bum... but he’s not fat... We call it "The Donk". Anything else you want to know about him? hahaha He is getting transferred tomorrow though... so I will be getting a new companion. Elder Vance. Elder Hunt was his companion before and he told me he's a weird guy, but super diligent... so we'll see how that goes.

Elder Peterson is going home tomorrow. I gave him some stuff to drop off at the house.... just some little gifts.... AND..... PICTURES!!! YAY!!! hahaha. I bought some horns and got a CD of Christian Raps for Chase or Austin... I dont know who wants what... but they can figure it out... and then Madi's gift will come later... Sorry Mad I just didn’t find anything good enough for you yet. I will also be sending my old card with him... so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail.. that is too bad about Tanner’s. Boo....

That is super cool you’re doing a fun little get together with everyone’s parents! Shoot you need to send me some pictures of that! I need to know how everyone is doing! I was wondering what happened when I didn’t get my letters from my friends this week... I was super bummed. Those are the only letters I get... I sent some to Shayla and Shae the other week... but... they must be busy or something haha. Or they forgot..... who knows! Sorry Carmen I am still going to write yours!

My investigators change a lot mom... haha. Alex got a new job and now he doesn’t have time to meet with us.  Daisy moved. San Juanita is still hangin’ in there. We just had a lesson with her about the Restoration last night... and we're going to see her again tonight. The only thing is - is that she has ZUMBA class Monday- Thursday! Stupid freaking ZUMBA haha so we can only meet with her on like Fridays.  Deborah has learned basically everything she needs to in order to be baptized.... she is just scared. LAME. We got some new investies too... Chris is one. He was raised by his Grandparents. We taught him like twice and then his grandpa had an accident . He was flown up to the hospital in San Antonio where he was in a coma for like 3 days and then he and passed away. It was really hard for him and he hasn’t come back from San Antonio yet so we can teach him. But hopefully soon he will. We have been texting him though... so he's not alone.

I think its getting cold down here mommy. I need my sweater soon haha. Its like 60... but I've climatized.  I never wear my boots.... ever. hahaha they look weird.

I see my Mission President sometimes.... haha I don’t know... enough. He's cool. I'll see him again next week because Elder Zivic (one of the 70) is coming for a conference. So I'll ask him about Skype then I guess....

Anyway... I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and I hope I answered all of your questions! I love you good bye!!!

-Elder Stewart

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