Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter 19

October 24, 2011

Hola mi bonita familia y mis amorosos amigos

Wow it sounds like you’ve been having a pretty crazy week! haha sounds fun though! I’m glad things are still moving in Utah. AND Austin has been dating a girl? hmmm... I think I need to hear more about this sometime... still waiting on Chase... haha but what else is new? hahahahah jk jk Chase I love you. Your trying I know... hahaha Im sorry shoot... you and Austin just need to get married! But not till I get back... I want to be the ring boy... I called dibs! You can’t take that away from me!

Anyway.... Yes I accidently looked inside my Halloween Packet.... Thank you very much for the "costumes" haha. Now all I need is a leather vest. Do you think you could maybe send me one in my package..... I’m not kidding. I need one. So I can look like a Bounty Hunter. Like Sean on Psych. So yeah... Leather vest please... thank you.

Other things I need in my package.... Hmmmm... I don’t know. Surprise me! haha I love surprises! Except you don’t need to send me a Snuggie because I already have one. It’s a Superman Snuggie that some other Elder left in our apartment when we came in, and I claimed it. It looks like I am Superman! Its great!

I am planning on sending you guys a package with some mexican goodies and such. Maybe a bolsa for Madi. Some cowboy stuff for Austin and Chase... I don’t know... BUT inside I will put all of my pictures that I have taken! So there! You will have your request granted. "Ask and ye shall receive"

Yes there are white people in our branch down here haha. But yeah the majority are hispanic. Elder Wood and I have actually made really good friends with a family down here. The Illescas family. They are sooo awesome. hahah Sister Illescas is like my mom, and I bet we will probably eat Thanksgiving dinner at their house.... and probably some other houses too... members love us. Anyway... I’m going to tell the daughter who is Madi's age to add Madi on Facebook so they can be friends. She is planning on moving to Utah for school next year... so... yeah it would be good to have a friend there. I think Madi and her would really get along.

My investies are doing great. SanJuanita and her kids just need to find some time to meet with us. Every time we go by she is sleeping... because she is tired from her job. People down here really dont know how to schedule time very well. Anyway... we're still trying to meet with her. And the others are good too.
Deborah, one of our oldest investigators, is really making a lot of progress. Yesterday we talked to her about conversion, and what that means. We read her Mosiah 5:2 that talks about receiving a "mighty change of heart" and no longer having a "desire to do evil". It was a really powerful lesson and she has realized that the Lord has been answering her prayers, and more specifically has taken away her desire to smoke. She said that every time that she looks at a carton of cigarettes she feels sick and doesn’t want to smoke. This was an answer to her prayer... and mine. I had been praying for the exact same thing to happen, and it did. The Lord answers prayers. She is now reading her scriptures everyday and doing the things the Lord wants her too. She is becoming converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord and I know that this is the only true church on the Earth today. It has the power to change hearts and bring blessings that can’t be found anywhere else.

I love you! Write you next week!

-Elder Stewart

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