Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letter 33



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! They really mean a lot to me! haha Especially Elder Skousen.... groupin’ me in there with your own mom... I feel honored! haha it feels so weird to be 20... I’m not a teenager anymore! But its ok... cause I still look like I'm in high school hahaha and act like it. Anyway... I'm definitely planning on using my Texas Roadhouse gift card today! Great minds think alike. Then we're probably going to do other Pday stuff...play basketball... write letters... laundry... the whole works!

Thank you for the Birthday Package by the way! It was great! I'm sporting the new G's right now!! Best feeling in the world (next to baptizing). I also loved the Uke chord chart and songbook! It’s already profiting me! I ate all of Dad's Popcorn too. Thanks! I don’t know if I need a light anymore…I just got new batteries! Turns out…that was the problem the whole time! And the leatherman... I don’t know... just like a regular one... you don’t even really NEED to get me one. I can probably do with one. And I just want a Bible I can carry around. It can even just be a New Testament. haha thanks! LOVE YOU!

Deborah is 16... I actually feel terrible because she hasn’t been going to church for a while now. Please pray for her.

I never got a card from Aunt Rhonda.... but I know that she sent one! haha does that count?!

I'm glad Madi liked her letter! Love you Madi and your letter too! Maybe one of these days I can write some to Chase and Austin too. And others.... Maybe... I've kinda been slacking on letters lately. I just found a letter that I never responded to from Shayla... It was just chillin’ in my binder! I think I was going to write back but then I got transferred and I packed it up and forgot.... So.... SORRY SHAYLA! I'm not a dirtbag!

This week has been a struggle to find new investies again. Albert got in a fight with his wife and moved to Brownsville for a while... so we can’t teach him right now. We're going to go ask his wife if we can talk to her though. Hopefully they can patch things up, get baptized, and then get sealed in the Temple... that would be prime. Then we had
some other investigators fall off.... but I think we're about to see some success. We have met some really cool people this week that have a lot of potential. One guy that talked to Elders in the Valley for a while... the only problem with him is that we can never get a hold of him. But we'll get 'em! Then we found another little family. But we'll see the fruits this next week hopefully!

Our district had all of the baptisms in our whole zone for this month. The Muniz kids (a part-member family that went inactive and we've been teaching their kids) got baptized yesterday along with a girl named Kim that E.Graham and E.Root found. So that was pretty cool! It was so amazing to work with the Muniz family and seeing them come back to activity in the church. Like 3 months ago they wouldn’t even open the doors to missionaries, and now they're coming to church. Their kids love primary and their older daughters are preparing to go to girls camp! But what really made me glad was that Bro.Muniz had the opportunity to baptize his two children. It warmed my soul to see a
righteous father humble himself and repent so he can his family back to activity in the church and receive the blessings of exaltation.

I can’t wait to change more lives here in Corpus. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world! There is nothing that feels so sweet as sharing the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I challenge you all to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel or to help someone in need. As you do, the Lord will provide the opportunities and you can feel of his love. Don't be afraid. "Do the right thing, at the right time, WITHOUT DELAY" Don't miss the chance to change a life.

I love all of you so much! Have a GREAT WEEK!! -Elder Jordan Stewart

Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter 32


Hola mis queridos amigos y amoroso familia!

This week has been really good. I've had a lot of spiritual experiences. We have been teaching this guy named Albert for a while now and he is SUPER cool. He really wants to change and help his family to have a good life. He fights with his wife a lot and he hates it. He just wants peace in his life. So this last Friday we took him on a Church
Tour. We just took him around the church and showed him the rooms and the chapel just us and him, then we had a lesson. The spirit was so strong. He just kept saying that he felt different in the church. He felt the peace that he has been looking for. Then we committed him to be baptized on the 19th of February. The next day we went to his son Jr's “birfday” party. haha it was so funny... They were BLASTING Mexican music so loud! haha and it was just for a 4 year olds birthday! hahaha it was all these Mexicans and then us white guys.  They had a pinata too and I totally destroyed it! I knocked that Spiderman's head right off!! haha and all the little kids cheered!  HOORAY!! haha yes mom that did happen. But I made sure all the little kids had a try first... its not my fault they have weak sauce swings....

Adela is doing great. We found a really awesome fellowshipper for her and were going to get them to read the Book of Mormon together. We had a lesson with her and her daughter Justine about Joseph Smith and they accepted everything. I told Justine that Thomas S. Monson was the prophet today and that he could talk with God and she told her mom,"I want to meet him!"

We also found a really cool Spanish family this week that were going to see tonight. Hopefully everything goes well because I miss teaching in Spanish.

Elder Payne is indeed my 4th companion. He is from Sandy UT and he is really cool. He is a little weird... but in a good way. I love him.  I'm showing him the ropes here in our area of Weber. He's a really good missionary though. He's going to hit his "sister mark" next month. Everyone in my apartment is cool too. I like them all. I'm pretty easy going as you know.

How is the ukelele going? Amazing... obviously. I would like some Hymn tabs... if you could find those and put them in my package that would be super great! I'm trying to learn a bunch. I only play at lunch and on P-day's though because that’s when we can listen to music.

I know how to cook Chorizo and eggs.... I don’t know what else... What do you expect me to know how to do? haha members just feed us regular food. Sometimes they take us to CiCi's Pizza... I am eating a lot more American style food now.

The people I'm teaching are all Spanish... but they speak English hahaha. But yeah I'm trying to keep up with my Spanish. I really love it here in Corpus Christi and I'm excited to stay here another transfer.

Rick: There is a cat that sits outside our apartment and just makes a big ol’ ruckus. It’s meowing in all hours of the day and night. I love it. And I think of you saying Helloooo?! HELLOOOO?! and meowing at cats. haha Looveeee youuuuu!

I see Elder Peterson all the time and it’s the best. We were just remembering good ol’ times the other day. I am so lucky to have him here!

The Book of Mormon is THE most important book in the world. If you are lacking in your relationship with your Heavenly Father, read the Book of Mormon. NEVER STOP! When you DO you will go inactive in the church.
I guarantee it. THAT book will bring you closer to God than ANY other book. That is a promise that the Prophet of the Lord has given us and don’t ever forget it!

I love all of you guys and I miss you a lot. I hope you all have a great week! Say your prayers!

-Elder Stewart

Oh and all of my lights and stuff are all on this bike that I have. I am being safe I promise. I think I could use a better front light though if you want to buy me one... the one I have kinda stinks. I can barely tell that its on. So you could send one of those in my package... and maybe a small Bible... King James version please hahaha. And a leatherman please....And....... a puppy. LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter 31

January 17, 2012


So... I totally forgot my wallet with my library card and my ID in it... so I had to wait until Elder Root was finished. So this might be quick!

I actually didn’t think about giving him the Book of Mormon on CD! haha how dumb am I?! haha Thanks we'll definitely try that out! (Thanks for the idea Sister Burdett)

That’s crazy that there hasn’t been any snow yet! I would think that you would have definitely had something.... last year we had a bunch of snow (couch sleds don’t work without snow). I bet you'll get some in the Spring though... lucky. The weather here has been pretty nice. The only thing is that it’s really windy. And it stinks on the bikes.

I have come to the conclusion that Possums (I think that is spelled wrong) are the ugliest things it the world. The literal spawn of Satan. I see so many of them down here. They're never alive though... always dead. Elder Hunt and I saw one in Laredo that was freshly killed. His head was just mush! It was great! Now there's a dead one that E.Payne and I go past every day on the way to our area. Good times.

That’s nuts that Chase and Austin are moving out! What the heck?! The house is going to be SO different now. Oh and Madi too! SHOOT! That’s nuts! You'll probably hate it! I know I would.... Gee wiz... I hope it’s not too weird when I get home.... Man growing up stinks! haha I can’t believe I'll be 20 years old in a couple weeks! I think I might get taller! (Congratulations Madi! – on getting into Snow Hall at Utah State)

Nope I have yet to get bit by a dog. No dog can catch me. I'm too quick.... that or they run away because I'm screaming so loud. Hahaha nah... I've only been chased like once or twice. But I’m ok. No bites.

I found out today that I'm not getting transferred and that I'll be staying in Corpus for 6 more weeks! President came up for interviews and told me that I had some more things to learn here with E.Payne. I'm really looking forward to learning whatever it is that I need to learn. President Trayner is definitely inspired... I don’t feel ready to be a Senior Companion just yet. But I think I will be by the end of this next transfer!

I'll try to send pictures next week ok? I love you!

-Elder Stewart

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Letter 30

January 9, 2012

Hello it’s me... Elder Stewart!

I really enjoyed your letter this week. We're actually working with a family right now that has been less active for a few years and that story that you shared really inspired me to be bold and help them get back to church. We keep inviting them and they keep saying that they'll come… but they never do. It really breaks my heart to see it. They have 2 children that aren’t baptized that we are teaching, but if they don’t come to church there's nothing we can do. It really all falls on the parent’s heads.... we can’t baptize less actives. But we're meeting with them tonight. Hopefully it will all go well. Please pray for me and for the family.

We had 3 investigators at church this week; which is great!
Adela and her daughter Justine came to 2nd Ward - which was pretty sketchy this week haha. There were SO many babies makin’ all sorts of racket in the Chapel! I was pretty angry haha. Adela doesn’t really know much about church and that isn’t the impression I want her to have... OH and there was a handicap girl there that would shout randomly... like... literally yell like she was outside.... but she wasn’t... she was inside the church. I understand that she can’t help it... but the mom could have taken her outside or something. It was super distracting. Haha then we were in class and she kept saying "thank you Jesus" under her breath hahaha I was just laughing to myself and then her handicap daughter would spank her and say "Satan!" hahahaha oh man.... I was dying. The only thing is with Adela is that she usually works Sundays, so we'll be working with that.

Isaac came to Single's Ward and I think he really liked it. He's a 19 year old kid that Elder Wilde and I found that really wants to change his life around and be around better influences. He stayed for all of Church and even after when the singles had a little lunch thing to break their fasts. He's super cool and really wants to change. He wants to meet with us like every day! What a boss.

We also met this guy named Albert that really wants to change his life and quit smoking. His parents both died from cancer that came from smoking and he doesn’t want his children to grow up without a dad and so he’s really trying to stop. He went from smoking a whole pack a day to only 3 a day! It’s making him sick though... so I’m really going to be praying for him this week. He doesn’t have much education and cant really read so its tough to teach him. But at the end of a lesson we taught him how to pray. Crying, he gave a beautiful prayer asking his Heavenly Father for strength and help with quitting smoking. I really hope that everything works out with him.

On the mission you develop such a great love for the people you teach... I can’t explain it. When you share these spiritual experiences it just happens. I love these people so much. I just want them all to be happy and know that the Gospel brings that happiness.

Yes I got the package from the YM and I loved it. I’m still eating some stuff from it. And I got our Christmas card. It was great. It made me miss you guys. Do we usually do that thing with all the updates about our life? That was nice. I also got one from Tanner's family! That was really cool too! Tell Auntie Tye thanks!! and I love her!

I need some new G's... that would be nice for my B'day...hmmmm... I don’t know Mom I never know! haha ever since I was little I never knew what I wanted for my birthday!

I'll tell you more about my companion next time probably ok? I’m almost out of time! I love you SO much and I wish I could give you a big ol’ kiss on the cheek!

-Elder Stewart

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letter 29

Janurary 3, 2012

Well Hellloooooo...
Happy New Years everyone! Everything is giong quite well here in Corpus Christi. Indeed I did buy a ukulele. Her name is Lulu and she is very fun. I can already play Nearer My God to Thee and Amazing Grace. Elder Wilde is not musical at ALL and so I've been trying to help him out... its not going too well though. I should be a pro by the end of the mish.
My bike should be coming up here tonight with the Zone Leaders. Im sorry I made you worry... I was planning on getting it fixed the whole time I just kept putting it off. But I should have it fixed up and then I'll probably send it home or something... I dont know yet. We'll see. But you dont have to worry about it anymore because it will be back in my hands. I will resurrect lil' Shizface.
I am really sorry to hear that Brother Stiggins passed away. He was someone that I really looked up to. Every time that we went by to get fast offerings from him he would pretend that he didnt know who we were and that the church stopped collecting fast offerings years ago. Then he would say,"Now, I pay my fast offerings with my tithing, but.... here's some candy! Now... dont eat it until you break your fasts". Haha he was a good man. Im glad to hear that he passed away peacefully though. I actually found a tie out here that looks like it could belong to him haha. Ill always remember that guy.
The ward we are working with right now is great. There are a lot of cool members that go out with us a lot. One is Brother Burke. He actually served in Dad's misison in Chilie a little bit before him or a little bit after.... I dont know when Dad served.... Your like almost 50 right Dad? I think Brother Burke is older. Anway... He's always down to come out with us and he's the most humble guy you will ever meet.
Corpus is pretty cold, but its warming up. I've only had to wear my coat once and I havent opened the gloves yet.... I swear I have written this before... Im pretty sure I have.
I havent heard from Chris at all.... I dont know what happened to him, but I hope and pray that the Lord will take care and watch over him.
We have a lot of people we are working with... I swear I told you about them when I called on Christmas... Were you even paying attention Mom? C'mon..... we have some investies mom. No worries.
This New Years we got to watch 17 Miracles. This movie is SO dang good. I cannot believe the strength and the faith of those Saints. It truely was inspiring. We all can take a lesson from their sacrafice and devotion to the Lord. Even among the cold winter snow, starvation, illness, and disease, they glorified God. After watching this movie I made a goal to be more humble and to rely on the Lord for strength. I fasted and prayed the next day that the Lord would help me. Halfway through church the same day, Elder Wilde and I found out that he was getting tansfered along with 6 other Elders. No I have to take over the area. Later President called to tell me that my new companion is going to be Elder Payne and that I need to be able to show him the area so that at the end of the transfer he can move me to Senior Companion. Needless to say, I have been humbled. I realized that now I need to rely more on the Lord than myself. I know that if I can do this than my area will be blessed and successful. Im really nervous... but I know that He will help me when I humble myself and have faith in Him and do his will. I am really excited for this opportunity to prove myself. There are a lot of good things happening here in my area and Elder Payne and I will be quite busy. 
I love you and I hope that you all can do well with your New Years resolutions! Always strive to do better!
-Elder Stewart

Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter 28

December 27, 2011

Sorry I didnt email yesterday... the Library was closed. Yeah it was a little bit chaotic on Christmas... I felt like we didnt really talk about anything at all. I cant even remember what happened. Maybe next time we can try doing it a little more organized. Elder Wilde's mom just had him talk for like 10 mins to each of his family members... but then again we have a lot more than he does. I just think a little more organization would be nice.. maybe a list of questions... I dont know... haha I'm use to getting results when talking to people cause thats what missionary work is about... maybe thats why it felt weird just talking as a family. But it was still AMAZING to talk to you guy's dont get me wrong. I love you and I loved hearing your voices. I just feel that I could have utilized the time better. I barely got to talk to Madi, Chase or Dad... I feel bad... Sorry. Love you.
We went to the Sagers for dinner on Christmas. It was nice. We had ham and stuff like that.. I cant remember. It was good though. The gifts were good... but its starting to warm up all of a sudden... So I dont know if I'll use the gloves very much now..... oops. haha I'll probably need them for next year though!!
Yes Elder Wilde and I bought Ukuleles and they are awesome! I named it LuLu. I can already play Amazing Grace and Im going to try to learn some hymns. Carmen if you are reading this if you could send me some tabs I would very much apreciate it!! I'm only going to play it on Pdays though. I am excited.
I didnt buy a coat. I bought a tie and Burlington mom... geez....
I dont know what to do about the bike... but I'll figure it out. You can call the mission office if you really want to. I was just going to send Elder Hunt a letter in Laredo and tell him what I need him to do. The wheels are in motion.

I love you all very much and I will see you.... on another time (Chase)

-Elder Stewart

PS- enjoy the pictures