Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter 32


Hola mis queridos amigos y amoroso familia!

This week has been really good. I've had a lot of spiritual experiences. We have been teaching this guy named Albert for a while now and he is SUPER cool. He really wants to change and help his family to have a good life. He fights with his wife a lot and he hates it. He just wants peace in his life. So this last Friday we took him on a Church
Tour. We just took him around the church and showed him the rooms and the chapel just us and him, then we had a lesson. The spirit was so strong. He just kept saying that he felt different in the church. He felt the peace that he has been looking for. Then we committed him to be baptized on the 19th of February. The next day we went to his son Jr's “birfday” party. haha it was so funny... They were BLASTING Mexican music so loud! haha and it was just for a 4 year olds birthday! hahaha it was all these Mexicans and then us white guys.  They had a pinata too and I totally destroyed it! I knocked that Spiderman's head right off!! haha and all the little kids cheered!  HOORAY!! haha yes mom that did happen. But I made sure all the little kids had a try first... its not my fault they have weak sauce swings....

Adela is doing great. We found a really awesome fellowshipper for her and were going to get them to read the Book of Mormon together. We had a lesson with her and her daughter Justine about Joseph Smith and they accepted everything. I told Justine that Thomas S. Monson was the prophet today and that he could talk with God and she told her mom,"I want to meet him!"

We also found a really cool Spanish family this week that were going to see tonight. Hopefully everything goes well because I miss teaching in Spanish.

Elder Payne is indeed my 4th companion. He is from Sandy UT and he is really cool. He is a little weird... but in a good way. I love him.  I'm showing him the ropes here in our area of Weber. He's a really good missionary though. He's going to hit his "sister mark" next month. Everyone in my apartment is cool too. I like them all. I'm pretty easy going as you know.

How is the ukelele going? Amazing... obviously. I would like some Hymn tabs... if you could find those and put them in my package that would be super great! I'm trying to learn a bunch. I only play at lunch and on P-day's though because that’s when we can listen to music.

I know how to cook Chorizo and eggs.... I don’t know what else... What do you expect me to know how to do? haha members just feed us regular food. Sometimes they take us to CiCi's Pizza... I am eating a lot more American style food now.

The people I'm teaching are all Spanish... but they speak English hahaha. But yeah I'm trying to keep up with my Spanish. I really love it here in Corpus Christi and I'm excited to stay here another transfer.

Rick: There is a cat that sits outside our apartment and just makes a big ol’ ruckus. It’s meowing in all hours of the day and night. I love it. And I think of you saying Helloooo?! HELLOOOO?! and meowing at cats. haha Looveeee youuuuu!

I see Elder Peterson all the time and it’s the best. We were just remembering good ol’ times the other day. I am so lucky to have him here!

The Book of Mormon is THE most important book in the world. If you are lacking in your relationship with your Heavenly Father, read the Book of Mormon. NEVER STOP! When you DO you will go inactive in the church.
I guarantee it. THAT book will bring you closer to God than ANY other book. That is a promise that the Prophet of the Lord has given us and don’t ever forget it!

I love all of you guys and I miss you a lot. I hope you all have a great week! Say your prayers!

-Elder Stewart

Oh and all of my lights and stuff are all on this bike that I have. I am being safe I promise. I think I could use a better front light though if you want to buy me one... the one I have kinda stinks. I can barely tell that its on. So you could send one of those in my package... and maybe a small Bible... King James version please hahaha. And a leatherman please....And....... a puppy. LOVE YOU!

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