Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter 31

January 17, 2012


So... I totally forgot my wallet with my library card and my ID in it... so I had to wait until Elder Root was finished. So this might be quick!

I actually didn’t think about giving him the Book of Mormon on CD! haha how dumb am I?! haha Thanks we'll definitely try that out! (Thanks for the idea Sister Burdett)

That’s crazy that there hasn’t been any snow yet! I would think that you would have definitely had something.... last year we had a bunch of snow (couch sleds don’t work without snow). I bet you'll get some in the Spring though... lucky. The weather here has been pretty nice. The only thing is that it’s really windy. And it stinks on the bikes.

I have come to the conclusion that Possums (I think that is spelled wrong) are the ugliest things it the world. The literal spawn of Satan. I see so many of them down here. They're never alive though... always dead. Elder Hunt and I saw one in Laredo that was freshly killed. His head was just mush! It was great! Now there's a dead one that E.Payne and I go past every day on the way to our area. Good times.

That’s nuts that Chase and Austin are moving out! What the heck?! The house is going to be SO different now. Oh and Madi too! SHOOT! That’s nuts! You'll probably hate it! I know I would.... Gee wiz... I hope it’s not too weird when I get home.... Man growing up stinks! haha I can’t believe I'll be 20 years old in a couple weeks! I think I might get taller! (Congratulations Madi! – on getting into Snow Hall at Utah State)

Nope I have yet to get bit by a dog. No dog can catch me. I'm too quick.... that or they run away because I'm screaming so loud. Hahaha nah... I've only been chased like once or twice. But I’m ok. No bites.

I found out today that I'm not getting transferred and that I'll be staying in Corpus for 6 more weeks! President came up for interviews and told me that I had some more things to learn here with E.Payne. I'm really looking forward to learning whatever it is that I need to learn. President Trayner is definitely inspired... I don’t feel ready to be a Senior Companion just yet. But I think I will be by the end of this next transfer!

I'll try to send pictures next week ok? I love you!

-Elder Stewart

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