Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter 28

December 27, 2011

Sorry I didnt email yesterday... the Library was closed. Yeah it was a little bit chaotic on Christmas... I felt like we didnt really talk about anything at all. I cant even remember what happened. Maybe next time we can try doing it a little more organized. Elder Wilde's mom just had him talk for like 10 mins to each of his family members... but then again we have a lot more than he does. I just think a little more organization would be nice.. maybe a list of questions... I dont know... haha I'm use to getting results when talking to people cause thats what missionary work is about... maybe thats why it felt weird just talking as a family. But it was still AMAZING to talk to you guy's dont get me wrong. I love you and I loved hearing your voices. I just feel that I could have utilized the time better. I barely got to talk to Madi, Chase or Dad... I feel bad... Sorry. Love you.
We went to the Sagers for dinner on Christmas. It was nice. We had ham and stuff like that.. I cant remember. It was good though. The gifts were good... but its starting to warm up all of a sudden... So I dont know if I'll use the gloves very much now..... oops. haha I'll probably need them for next year though!!
Yes Elder Wilde and I bought Ukuleles and they are awesome! I named it LuLu. I can already play Amazing Grace and Im going to try to learn some hymns. Carmen if you are reading this if you could send me some tabs I would very much apreciate it!! I'm only going to play it on Pdays though. I am excited.
I didnt buy a coat. I bought a tie and Burlington mom... geez....
I dont know what to do about the bike... but I'll figure it out. You can call the mission office if you really want to. I was just going to send Elder Hunt a letter in Laredo and tell him what I need him to do. The wheels are in motion.

I love you all very much and I will see you.... on another time (Chase)

-Elder Stewart

PS- enjoy the pictures 

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