Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letter 29

Janurary 3, 2012

Well Hellloooooo...
Happy New Years everyone! Everything is giong quite well here in Corpus Christi. Indeed I did buy a ukulele. Her name is Lulu and she is very fun. I can already play Nearer My God to Thee and Amazing Grace. Elder Wilde is not musical at ALL and so I've been trying to help him out... its not going too well though. I should be a pro by the end of the mish.
My bike should be coming up here tonight with the Zone Leaders. Im sorry I made you worry... I was planning on getting it fixed the whole time I just kept putting it off. But I should have it fixed up and then I'll probably send it home or something... I dont know yet. We'll see. But you dont have to worry about it anymore because it will be back in my hands. I will resurrect lil' Shizface.
I am really sorry to hear that Brother Stiggins passed away. He was someone that I really looked up to. Every time that we went by to get fast offerings from him he would pretend that he didnt know who we were and that the church stopped collecting fast offerings years ago. Then he would say,"Now, I pay my fast offerings with my tithing, but.... here's some candy! Now... dont eat it until you break your fasts". Haha he was a good man. Im glad to hear that he passed away peacefully though. I actually found a tie out here that looks like it could belong to him haha. Ill always remember that guy.
The ward we are working with right now is great. There are a lot of cool members that go out with us a lot. One is Brother Burke. He actually served in Dad's misison in Chilie a little bit before him or a little bit after.... I dont know when Dad served.... Your like almost 50 right Dad? I think Brother Burke is older. Anway... He's always down to come out with us and he's the most humble guy you will ever meet.
Corpus is pretty cold, but its warming up. I've only had to wear my coat once and I havent opened the gloves yet.... I swear I have written this before... Im pretty sure I have.
I havent heard from Chris at all.... I dont know what happened to him, but I hope and pray that the Lord will take care and watch over him.
We have a lot of people we are working with... I swear I told you about them when I called on Christmas... Were you even paying attention Mom? C'mon..... we have some investies mom. No worries.
This New Years we got to watch 17 Miracles. This movie is SO dang good. I cannot believe the strength and the faith of those Saints. It truely was inspiring. We all can take a lesson from their sacrafice and devotion to the Lord. Even among the cold winter snow, starvation, illness, and disease, they glorified God. After watching this movie I made a goal to be more humble and to rely on the Lord for strength. I fasted and prayed the next day that the Lord would help me. Halfway through church the same day, Elder Wilde and I found out that he was getting tansfered along with 6 other Elders. No I have to take over the area. Later President called to tell me that my new companion is going to be Elder Payne and that I need to be able to show him the area so that at the end of the transfer he can move me to Senior Companion. Needless to say, I have been humbled. I realized that now I need to rely more on the Lord than myself. I know that if I can do this than my area will be blessed and successful. Im really nervous... but I know that He will help me when I humble myself and have faith in Him and do his will. I am really excited for this opportunity to prove myself. There are a lot of good things happening here in my area and Elder Payne and I will be quite busy. 
I love you and I hope that you all can do well with your New Years resolutions! Always strive to do better!
-Elder Stewart

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