Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letter 33



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! They really mean a lot to me! haha Especially Elder Skousen.... groupin’ me in there with your own mom... I feel honored! haha it feels so weird to be 20... I’m not a teenager anymore! But its ok... cause I still look like I'm in high school hahaha and act like it. Anyway... I'm definitely planning on using my Texas Roadhouse gift card today! Great minds think alike. Then we're probably going to do other Pday stuff...play basketball... write letters... laundry... the whole works!

Thank you for the Birthday Package by the way! It was great! I'm sporting the new G's right now!! Best feeling in the world (next to baptizing). I also loved the Uke chord chart and songbook! It’s already profiting me! I ate all of Dad's Popcorn too. Thanks! I don’t know if I need a light anymore…I just got new batteries! Turns out…that was the problem the whole time! And the leatherman... I don’t know... just like a regular one... you don’t even really NEED to get me one. I can probably do with one. And I just want a Bible I can carry around. It can even just be a New Testament. haha thanks! LOVE YOU!

Deborah is 16... I actually feel terrible because she hasn’t been going to church for a while now. Please pray for her.

I never got a card from Aunt Rhonda.... but I know that she sent one! haha does that count?!

I'm glad Madi liked her letter! Love you Madi and your letter too! Maybe one of these days I can write some to Chase and Austin too. And others.... Maybe... I've kinda been slacking on letters lately. I just found a letter that I never responded to from Shayla... It was just chillin’ in my binder! I think I was going to write back but then I got transferred and I packed it up and forgot.... So.... SORRY SHAYLA! I'm not a dirtbag!

This week has been a struggle to find new investies again. Albert got in a fight with his wife and moved to Brownsville for a while... so we can’t teach him right now. We're going to go ask his wife if we can talk to her though. Hopefully they can patch things up, get baptized, and then get sealed in the Temple... that would be prime. Then we had
some other investigators fall off.... but I think we're about to see some success. We have met some really cool people this week that have a lot of potential. One guy that talked to Elders in the Valley for a while... the only problem with him is that we can never get a hold of him. But we'll get 'em! Then we found another little family. But we'll see the fruits this next week hopefully!

Our district had all of the baptisms in our whole zone for this month. The Muniz kids (a part-member family that went inactive and we've been teaching their kids) got baptized yesterday along with a girl named Kim that E.Graham and E.Root found. So that was pretty cool! It was so amazing to work with the Muniz family and seeing them come back to activity in the church. Like 3 months ago they wouldn’t even open the doors to missionaries, and now they're coming to church. Their kids love primary and their older daughters are preparing to go to girls camp! But what really made me glad was that Bro.Muniz had the opportunity to baptize his two children. It warmed my soul to see a
righteous father humble himself and repent so he can his family back to activity in the church and receive the blessings of exaltation.

I can’t wait to change more lives here in Corpus. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world! There is nothing that feels so sweet as sharing the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I challenge you all to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel or to help someone in need. As you do, the Lord will provide the opportunities and you can feel of his love. Don't be afraid. "Do the right thing, at the right time, WITHOUT DELAY" Don't miss the chance to change a life.

I love all of you so much! Have a GREAT WEEK!! -Elder Jordan Stewart

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