Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter 34

February 6, 2012


Well... my freaking computer messed up on me and I lost the awesome email that I wrote... So... sorry haha.

My birthday was fun. Sister Todd made me a chocolate cake and I ate it with milk just like you taught me mom. I loved it. I'm planning on making that Fun Fetty cake mix into cookies. My zone leader E. MacNeil told me about it and I definitely have to try it. It sounds delicious!

I don’t care what room I get but I think I'll take the Yankee one. No use letting all that hard work go to waste! My room is just plain ol’ blue... so is that ok? That’s exciting to hear about all those projects that you all are starting! And the best part is... I don’t have to work on those darn projects! YIPPEEE!

Albert is still in Brownsville. We will call him this week. We might talk to his wife this week too. The spanish family fell off.. we could never find them. But its ok we planted a seed. We are teaching a new person named Jen. She is a referral from a member and she is really cool. She has a baby boy and she wants a better life for him and she is really interested in the church especially Joseph Smith and the history of the church. We had a good first lesson and set a BD. We have another lesson with her tomorrow so pray that it goes well. Adela is doing great! She has been consistently coming to church for like 6 Sundays now and the members really like her. She even participated in Gospel Principles yesterday! It’s awesome to see how much she is progressing! The Muniz kids were confirmed yesterday and it was amazing! I LOVE Bro. Muniz! He was so nervous to do the ordinance but he did a great job! I'll try to send some pictures of their baptism next time I send pictures.. but who knows when that will be haha.

Yep it should be raining a lot this next week... but I got my rain coat! thanks mommy! :D Yeah I actually got Aunt Rhonda's card right when I got home from emailing last week haha so I felt bad... I knew you both would worry... but I got it THANKS Aunt Rhonda!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Write me letters! I never get any! hahaha... And pictures! Please! Thanks! LOOOOOVEEE

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