Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter 37


Hello Everyone!

Wow it sounds like you all had a really busy week! Haha they really do seem to be flying by though huh? I can't believe I've almost been out for 9 months! It seems like yesterday I just hit my 6 month mark! Shooooot....! I'm trying really hard to make the most of it here in Corpus while I can. I'm thinking that I might get transfered this next week though. I'm looking forward to it. I have been Junior Comp for a while and I feel like I need to be given some more responsibility so I can work harder! haha I don’t know what it is, but pressure is my biggest motivator. That’s why I always procrastinated on papers! I do my best work that way! Besides I think it will be fun to have a little bit more responsibility.... shoooot... I'm totally jynxing myself.......That’s so crazy Paige Bickmore is getting married. Man us Stewarts are LAME! Nah... jk

Adela is doing ok. She has been working on Sundays these past two weeks, but she requested the month of March off. Hopefully she'll come and we can get the members to rally around her and help her overcome her fears! (Afraid of the water.... gee wiz....)
We haven’t seen Albert in a long time. I don’t know if it will work out with him right now.
Rhonda is great. Did I forget to tell you? Our second lesson, we talked about the Restoration and the origins of the BOM and she LOVED it. We brought Brother Burke along (one of the coolest guys in the world) and we explained to him before we went in that we were going to talk about the Restoration. Then he said,"Then we'll take her out back to the pool and baptize her?" hahaha Anyway... we get into her house and Bro. Burke just takes off and does the whole Restoration in like 3 minutes! Hahaha the big goof! Then we talked about the BOM and how it fit in with the Bible and on and on and on... The lesson lasted like 2 hours! Dang it Bro. Burke! Haha but the good thing is that at the end Rhonda said, "I know I said I wasn’t converting... but now... I can’t say that." We had another lesson with her at the church and tried to set a baptismal date. She said, "I just want to say YES!.... BUT..." Ugh it was the worst "but" in the world. She said that she had a lot going on and she wanted to give the church and the lessons the attention it deserved. So... we're still working with her and I’m really confident that she will be baptized... We just don’t know when. Boooooo,
The part member family that we found is AWESOME! Yulie is the non member and she is down to be baptized on the 25th of March! Her husband, Adam, left the church over something really crazy and apostate that happened to him in the church a long time ago but he's SUPER supportive of Yulie. They came to church yesterday and loved it! Adam is remembering how he felt when he first met the missionaries and when he went to church and he's knows that its something that will be good for his family. Yulie is so excited to learn every time we come over! Its great! We have another lesson with them tonight!

I'm planning on sending some stuff home. I really shouldn’t have taken all those clothes with me hahaha never wear any of them! I have like 5 pairs of useless socks! So I'll send those home with some shorts, shirts, and my Blake Griffin Jersey. I don’t really have a lot of opportunities to wear it out here. I'll probably send some Mexican Candy and pictures or something with it. It wont be that nice but... I need the room in my suitcase. I think you also gave me extra sheets for my bedding... so I'll send those too.

I really want some boots... . All the Elders here say that Corpus is the best place to buy them. So...I'm afraid I'll miss my chance if I don’t get them this week. I'll be sure to buy a good pair. Obviously I wont wear them tracting, but basically every Elder has bought a pair. I'll probably chicken out in the end and wait another week... If I do get some and it becomes a problem I'll just send them home in a package.

I think that’s it. So.. I'll talk to you all next week! Love you bye!

-Elder Stewart

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