Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter 62

September 17, 2012

Hola mi querido familia y mis amados amigos!
 Wow... I don’t even recognize our kitchen! What a change! It looks really great and I bet it will look even better with lights, cabinets, and food! haha I bet you just want to cook something!
Our week was really good. Other than the rains everything was great! We have been trying to find some new investigators working with the members and investigators in our area and we are seeing the fruit of that!
Sam is doing great! She is looking forward to her baptism this Thursday (her mom is going to be gone for the weekend) and she is inviting everyone she knows! She says she's afraid there wont be enough room for everyone haha. This weekend she is in Chicago at a golf tournament so she wasn’t able to come to church, but she told us that she has been able to find time to read the Book of Mormon while she's been there. She's heading on to 2 Nephi! Definitely a GOLDEN investigator if I've ever seen one. She even made her own program for her baptism and hashed out the details with the Branch Mission Leader. What a champ.
Bro. Harkrider (part member family) is also doing really well. He understands everything we teach him and he has a great desire to change and help his family. He feels really bad for things that he has done in the past and sort of feels like it will be hard to be forgiven. One night he couldn’t sleep and stayed up reading the Book of Mormon and felt the Spirit really strongly telling him that he needs to change. He said it was like his whole life flashed before him and he felt really guilty for the life that he lived. So we suggested that he read Alma 36. He told us a few days later that it was exactly what he needed and that it was exactly how he feels. He's come to church every Sunday since we met him... even though the last two times he was sick. I can see the desire in him to come closer to God.
The Camacho family is doing well. They came to the Mexican Independence Party that the Spanish Ward had. I of course was sporting my trademark fake bigote (mustache) at the party and everyone loved it! They called me "Pancho Villa" hahaha. All of the men went to the front by the music and sang a Mexican song, and Bro.Camacho even came with us! Then in the middle of the song we were all challenged to do "gritos" hahaha Bro.Camacho was so nervous and shaky!... he hid behind Elder Stott sweating the whole time! When it was his turn he chickened out... but it was all right everyone was really nice to him. I hope he wasn’t too embarrassed though! His wife and her friend came to church yesterday but Bro.Camacho didn’t... haha maybe he WAS too embarrassed... nah! They said he was busy... but we'll see tonight in our lesson with them.
We started teaching a member of a recent convert family and she came to church yesterday as well.  We taught her on Saturday and during our lesson THE RAINS came. We had to hide in her house for about an hour.... So we just showed her and She's really awesome though.  I think she'll definitely progress well. She already has her family members and some members of the church supporting her.
I love you all and the work is going just splendidly here
-Elder Jordan Stewart

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