Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter 91

April 15, 2013

Que tal?

WOW what an insane week it was.... It all started off with... well actually I think I'll let you squirm a little bit before I tell you everything. haha I'm glad to hear that everything is going well in Utah. Congrats on your new calling Dad! That should be really exciting! Oh and mom... I really hate it when you mention anything about me going home haha I actually haven’t gotten any information about my flight plans and when you told me that I almost threw up! Jk I did almost throw up this week though... but... like I said I'll tell you about that a little later. I think I will be super weird for me to go to Jordy's wedding reception on the why home from the airport but if that’s easier for everyone else then I'm down. I'll probably just be sticking close to one of the Melchezedek Priesthood holders around me. Who wants to be my companion? haha jk... but seriously.

I'm sorry to hear that Kampton had to finish a little early. That’s a bummer. I'm looking forward to talking with him and my other friends about their missions. I've been emailing Elder Doxey and Richie today and I'm going to see if I can shoot one off to Elder Brown in Chile! I love those guys so much!

So I'm surprised mom that you didn’t ask about the 90 bucks I spent this week.... haha. It’s a really long story and it all started with me not changing my brakes on my bike. They rubbed down all the way to the metal base and then as I braked on my bike the metal would scrape my rim... I didn’t really notice it. AND I still had a broken spoke so the brakes would rub even more. Anyway... we were riding to an appointment and I heard a little "pop" underneath me. I didn’t think very much of it until my wheel started to rub on my brake more than usual.. I looked down and MY RIM WAS BENT! Oopps... so I had to buy a new rim and brakes. Sorry mom.... :( I love you. Speaking of my bike, there is a guy in our apartment complex that wants to buy it for $180. I was thinking about it and I don’t think I'll really use my bike that much at home... what do you think?

So that’s something crazy that happened this week... the other thing that mom will get mad about I'll say a little later :)

Today we got a little wiff of the transfer fairy. President Trayner sent us a texting letting Elder Hobbs know that he would be training this next transfer! So that means I'll definitely be getting a new companion. So either he's whitewash training or my butts getting the boot and I'm getting trunky transfered! I hope it’s the first one because we just found this awesome girl named Anahli that came to church yesterday with her son. She and her Brother accepted BDs for the 12 and they are progressing pretty well. I hate it when that happens... its happened like 5 times to me already! But... its better to give than to receive ;) Anahli's brother, Beto, was a referral for a member whose daughter he is dating. She wanted us to check up on them and see if we could get her daughter back to church. They let us right in and were really interested to learn. Beto wasn’t able to come to church yesterday but Anahli came and loved it. She even came to see a baptism afterward. I was taking care of her 4 year old son the whole time! I entertained that kid for a whole sacrament meeting and a baptism so his mom could pay attention. I feel like I'm going to be a really awesome dad!

Other than those two Elder Hobbs and I haven’t found too many people. The family that we found has been super busy and the family of 3 that I told you about has been hard to find too. Pat decided she didn’t really want to meet with us anymore which was really sad. Its too bad because she is someone that needs the gospel in her life and would benefit from it a lot if she would only realize that she isn’t doing anything to receive those blessings.

NOW.... for the OTHER thing that happened. So last night after talking with a potential investigator Elder Hobbs and I went to unlock our bikes. When we got there I got SUPER light headed and almost passed out! I sat on the ground for a few minutes and gathered myself. After I felt a little better we took off to go to our next appointment, a dinner appointment with a member family, the Killpack's. I almost zonked out like 2 times on the way there. When we got there Bro Killpack diagnosed that I was dehydrated and gave me a couple bottles of water and told me to drink them all. I went and sat on their bathroom floor and drank them because I felt like I was going to throw up. We ended up just taking the food to go and Bro Killpack drove us home. I was tripping so bad I couldn’t even do follow ups with my district. I just layed on my bed and drank a gatorade. BUT I slept like a champ and I feel loads better today! That’s what I get for fasting! haha (fyi in our mission we are advised to drink water when we fast... but I forgot)

Well that’s basically it for this week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Read your scriptures and don’t forget to smile!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

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