Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter 13

September12, 2011


Solets start off by answering some questions... because apparently I'm not verygood at that.
1.Members feed us like... 2-3 times a week it really depends. If we don’t have anappointment we just work until 9. We can take an hour break for lunch -  which we usually take at the apartmentand sometimes at Taco Bell haha. Yes I still steal the hot sauce packets :D. 2.The members here are really nice. I love going to church every Sunday. It’s soawesome to know that the gospel is the same where ever you go. It’s not asstrong of a branch as the wards in Utah that’s for sure, but they are tryingand that’s what counts.

However,a word of caution to you future missionaries.. Membersare EXTREMELY thoughtless/stupid sometimes! If you take aninvestigator to church, be prepared to help them cope with the DEEPDOCTRINE that the members feel is their DUTY to explain to them... and notin a profound apostolic manner... but in rambling sentences consisting of wordslike:  intelligences, Adam and Eve,spirit PRISON, spiritual progression within Kingdoms, Kolob, etc. This isvery real... and it happens haha so be prepared. Haha there was thisguy in Priesthood that was investigating and actually just got baptizedyesterday. And we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and the teacherthrew out intelligences and the Spirit World and progression and all ofthis nonsense... and all the missionaries there were like, "AHHH! SHUT UPSHUT UP!" in our minds of course. Oh boy haha luckily the guy was stillbaptized so... yeah. But the members are super nice and I love them don’t getme wrong.

Sorryabout that little thing right there... 3. Yes you can send those things to myapartment address. BUT... if I move obviously you won’t want to do that, butthat wont happen for a few more weeks. 4. Yeah you can send me some new tubesfor sure... I was actually going to call and order some for myself haha my rimsare kinda getting jacked too because I've been bunny hopping all over theplace... soo.... I'll fix those. There is a bike shop down here. 5. Uhh... Ican’t remember all the questions you asked me... OH! this stupid card readersucks and I cant send pictures so ill just print some off some time... is thatok? 5.The weather is great. There is basically no humidity here. It’skinda like southern Utah. It’s only humid when it rains and it doesn’t do thatmuch. 6. I got a letter from Carmen, Lauren, Hannah Groom, and others Ibelieve... and I freakin’ loved it! I was laughing so hard. Well done.... welldone. You made me really trunky guys. Thanks!

Otherthan that I’m fine and the investigators are fine. Sorry I’m a little rushedand have to go but hopefully I’ll write Austin or something and send pics. Ilove you and I love the Lord! Have a great week and pray for the work inLaredo!


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