Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letter 14

September 19, 2011

Hola mi familia y mis amigos! Como le va? bien? bien.
Hey my family and friends! How's it going? good? good.
 I don’t think there should be any problem with the package. I'm usually taking lunch the time the mail comes. And if not the other Elders are or the mail man hides it so it doesn’t get stolen. The only thing I know about my neighbors is that their dogs hate us, they like to smoke, and when you say "what’s up?" they say,"chillin’ chillin’. Sippin’ sippin’." So... they’re not much help. You could send gummy worms in it too! I love those. haha. I'm really sorry but yeah the camera plug in thing is really gay... I don’t know how to work it. And I’m really smart so that’s saying something. It’s broken. Can I just send you my memory card and you could send me a some new ones in the package? That would be nice. Yeah... do that please. I know what kevlar is haha.

Anyway... It’s all good here in Laredo. This week is Transfers and no one in my apartment is leaving which is nice. I'll probably be here for a while. Elder Wood thinks that he'll be here for like 2 more transfers and then I'll leave on the next one... but I don’t know about that. Whatever the Lord wants I guess.

This week we also had TRAINING. I freaking loved it. President and Sister Trayner came down with the APs and we talked about the 8 lessons (tools for teaching) and we role played teaching with them. It was amazing. I learned so much about how to be a better teacher and help my investigators progress. Can’t wait to use the stuff I learned. President Trayner is a spiritual giant and I love him. He's so darn funny! haha shoot... anyway I really enjoyed that. Oh and mom they went from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. And yes they fed us lunch too haha. I love you mom.

Elder Wood and I witnessed some miracles this week. One day after training we went to see our investigator, Daisy. We knocked on her door and one of her roommates came out and talked to us.  He told us that he works a lot because he needs to save his money so he can be with his wife who lives in UTAH. I'm like..."No way I’M from Utah too!" haha Elder Wood was like... "Does she go to a church up there?" haha and he said, " Yeah I think its like the Mormon church" hahah I was literally laughing. After we told him we were from that church he continued to tell us that he loves reading and while he was in jail he read the Bible like 10 times. Then he asked us if we had a Bible cause he lost his. "Nah we don’t have one right now... but here's another book." We then had a lesson on the Book of Mormon. This was a powerful witness to me that the Lord knows all. Before I left the apartment that day I looked at a Book of Mormon on the shelf and felt like I needed to put it in my backpack. So I did. And there it was when he needed it.

Oh we also found a family of 4 that is really tight. The mom is Catholic but has a lots of doubt and she has 3 kids, a 17 year old boy who is really cool (not too cool for school) and nice, a sweet little 12 year old girl, and a baby boy. He loves running around and touching stuff, so I pull out pass-a-long cards for him to play with. He also drew all over my planner last time... precious… haha I love that family. There are indeed baptisms scheduled for the month of October.

I love you all and I pray for you every night. I’m so glad Madi passed her test and that Chase is playing football and that Austin isn’t letting him on the team. Sounds like home. Good luck with that waterfall Dad! haha and thanks for all the letters Mom. You’re the best. I love you all.
-Elder Stewart

PS- I’m buying stamps today so hopefully I can send letters... so if you send me one... there is a high chance you'll get one back. If I like you. haha just kidding.

PSS- Thanks so much Kindra! You’re only a little bit older than me.

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