Sunday, October 2, 2011

Letter 15

September 26, 2011

Hey everyone!

It’s me... Elder Stewart. Emailing from a community college in Laredo (Laredo Community College) hahaha. I was emailing in the Library like usual but then this lady came over and told us we only had 20 mins! So I was pretty upset. I read through most of my mail and then my time was up... so didn’t think that I was going to get to mail you at all. But I am now. So... it’s ok.

Tell Will Judy that I am SO proud of him for getting baptized. His Heavenly Father is happy with his decision to follow Him.  Now that he's passed through the gate of baptism he is on the straight and narrow path to heaven. Now all he needs to do is stay on. Just like all of us.

I can’t wait for my suitcase to get here! I got another flat last night... in a tube that I replaced like 1 hour before haha. Golly.... I have the worst luck. I have named my bike Lucy because she gives me grief... yes that makes me Charlie Brown... and yes I say "good grief". But I’m glad that now I’ll have tires that can hold up to bullets. Laredo thorns might be stronger than bullets though.... but we'll see.  Yeah everyone here basically has mountain bikes. They don’t have nearly as many problems as me haha.  And the shop was called Mad Dog Bike Shop? Did the guy you bought it from have tattoos? Oh! Or a leather vest? I need to know.

Also mom I didn’t really care if you gave me gummy worms or not haha! I forgot like the second I sent you that email... I just wanted you to send it so I just said whatever. Sorry you actually looked for them... haha I bet they'll taste even better now. hahaha gosh your such a worry wart... Speaking of which I am eating enough you don’t need to worry. And Texas Roadhouse was great. I didn’t get the Sirloin Beef Tips though... they were too much money.

I got some pictures printed out at the Walmart and I should be sending them soon. If not this week then next week.

Tell Chris... Wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup! Congrats on the Eagle Bud! I love and miss you! Sorry I couldn’t be there.

Tanner I’m looking forward to your letter... hopefully I get it this week. I hear you did a good job on your talk bud! I was there in spirit. I love you man and you'll love the MTC!  Good luck!

Christian. You also will love the MTC and I was with you too in spirit during your talk. We basically talked on the same thing... so I think that’s why you’re coming you McAllen. haha gosh that’s so crazy. Can’t wait to see you here. It’s freaking hot! Buy a mountain bike.

Elder Hunt has taught me how to cook tortillas like a little Mexican lady. You take the raw tortilla on the hot pan and then just use your hands to move it around and flip it. "Sin miedo" como las abuelitas dicen.  I’m getting pretty good. AND they taste great. That’s pretty much the extent of my cooking skills. OH and I can make grilled cheese... but I could do that before. so... yeah that’s it.  I’ll learn more mexicano dishes and cook ‘em for you when I get back. Sin miedo.

Give the Bond family my condolences... Ewok was a great dog. He is in Heaven now though with a perfect doggy body. He can now see and breathe and walk straight. But he is missed I’m sure.

We usually always have baptisms lined up because we usually commit to be baptized on the first lessons. The problem is people following through with the commitments we leave them. Coming to Church is usually the big one. They have to come 3 times before they can be baptized... but... its tough to get them there. We just need to do our part to invite the spirit and help them receive a witness of how important it is.

Si estoy ensenado en Espanol. Yes mom I have been teaching in Spanish. I’m in Laredo... the Rio is like... right there. I’m pointing to it. haha I still remember what Brother Skinner told me,"Dont turn your back to the river... CAUSE THEY'LL GETCHA!" haha luckily that hasn’t happened... yet.

Yeah we get to see all sessions of General Conference.... AND I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT! We'll probably watch them at the church. I don’t think I've ever been so excited for Conference before. I need to get some investies there. I really want Alex to come and see. He is doing well we just need to meet with him more. Elder Wood and I hadn’t seem him for like 2 weeks... so we went to were he works and saw him there. He still remembered what we talked about 2 weeks ago! Haha most people cant remember what we talked about like 2 minutes ago. So we'll see where that goes.

Well that’s about it. I’m looking forward to all of those letters you said were on the way. Hopefully Shaylas gets here ok haha. Sorry about all that.... was it my fault or hers? I don’t think it was mine..... I sent Shae and Liza letters last week too.... so they should get them. I’m really trying to stay caught up.

Anyway.... I love you all and I am always praying for you. And I am also thankful for your prayers. I need them haha.

-Elder Stewart

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