Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter 16

October 3, 2011

Hello Everyone!
So the suitcase never got to our apartment... or it was stolen. haha nah just kidding I got it. BUT... even with those new tires and liners I STILL GOT A FLAT! haha no not really. They're great! I’m riding all over every thorn patch I see!! Its great! haha Thank you so much! I loved the treats and all my roommates appreciated the ChexMix... they are all from Utah (Hunt:PG, Peterson:AF) except for Elder Wood my companion. They haven’t tasted that stuff for a LONG time haha. And we ate like all the fruities during conference... thank you for that too. Did you know that fruities aren’t on the East coast? That’s what Elder Wood said... Anyway those tires are working great! Now I can spend more time teaching people instead of going to Walmart. haha I do enjoy shopping at Walmart though. Story time....

So last P-day we were shopping at Walmart and Elder Hunt and I finished before everyone else. We were just chillin’ on the bed of the Zone Leaders truck when these guys pull up in a van and park a little bit down the aisle from us. It was 2 black guys and a white guy. I noticed that the black guy in the passenger seat was wearing a headset... with a microphone and everything. I asked Elder Hunt "Is that guy from the future?" haha then they got out of the van and started walking towards the store. Me, being a friendly guy, said "Hello." and waved. The headset black man then said in a very loud voice "WHAT YA'LL ON BREAK?!" hahaha I said "No we're just waiting for the others inside." hahah then he said, still in a very loud voice "WELL YOU BETTER CHARGE 'EM!!" hahaha I was so scared and confused. Why was he wearing a headset?

I love getting my friends letters! Rick sounds like his good ol’ self there in Brazil! I laugh out loud reading about all his experiences... I can hear his voice in my head. Trent is a stud! I love hearing his inspiring letters. And Eric is SO dang close! haha he is probably teaching some of my investigators families! OR even my investigators when they cross over haha.

I loved Conference. I was looking forward to it for like 2 weeks! Never before have I been more excited to hear the words of the Prophet and the 12 Apostles. We watched them at the Chapel (which is in Elder Wood's and my area so its only like a few blocks away) and I learned SO much. I loved when the Prophet came out and said "Hello!" haha what a funny guy. I knew you guys would be excited for those two Temples they announced too! I wish I could have seen Grandma and Grandpa Thorpe's faces! "There's great fishing up there." haha maybe we can go to the dedication?

I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Carl B. Cook "Its Better to Look Up". It gave me so much hope and encouragement. I loved how he taught us to take all of our cares and problems and, like he did, tie them to a balloon and watch the Heavens take them away. When we cast our eyes and our hearts upward, letting the Lord take away our feelings of inadequacy and doubt, it really is easier. Like the children of Israel, we can be healed if we would simply listen to the prophets and LOOK to the Savior (brass snake). It’s so simple, and yet we sulk and look at our feet saying that its too easy, believing that we cannot be healed. I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and He has felt every pain, every affliction, and every sad and discouraging moment... for you. And he has promised that if we LOOK TO HIM He will take them away. I know that the Lord lives and loves us. If we will just look up, casting our burdens on Him, He will heal us and we will be filled with His love.

Nobody came to Conference with us... but I know that things are going to get better here in Laredo. I am looking up and I have faith that as I do the Lord will bless us. I expect great things in the weeks to come. Please pray for me and the work. I love you and I pray for you everyday.

-Elder Stewart

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