Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter 17

October 10, 2011

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!
Thats SO crazy that Tanner and Chrisitan are leaving this week! Oh boy I'm so happy for my friends! They are going to have a blast at the MTC. If you see Tanner of Christian before they leave tell them to smell the tree behind the Samuel Smith statue... just tell them... its important. Anyway that’s awesome! I miss having little get togethers with the Brown family. They are definitely a blessing to us and everyone that they come in contact with... just saying. I LOVE YOU AUNTIE TYE!! Send me a letter eh?

The weather here is actually changing a little bit. It’s now like in the 90's! haha but yeah its getting a little cooler. More clouds... a little rain here and there. I might need you to send me my sweater though. All the other missionaries have sweaters and Elder Wood said that I'll probably need it. If you want you can send it with goodies. Like... Chex Mix... or Dad's Strawberry Pop Corn stuff... Letters.... Kool Aid... More Ranch Powder (I made your dip all the time. Elder Hunt loves it)... and anything else you can think of to send me. I love ALL things. 

This week was... ok. Haha we have had a lot of investigators be really cool and then suddenly stink. We have this one investigator Deborah, who we have been working on since we got here. She’s 17 from Guatamala and she’s a house keeper for this family. It took a little while for her to warm up to us but then when she did we set a Baptism Date for the 30th of this month and set up a plan to help her stop smoking! She was really excited and was ready to stop smoking and everything. Then the next day she said "no puedo" and "no se que quiero hacer"  (I can’t and I don’t know what to do). haha in my head I was like yelling, "Yes you do! We've been telling you what to do for like 4 weeks!" hahaha BUT I have learned that patience is very important in missionary work. We're not giving up on her. Hopefully we can help her realize that this is worth it. She needs to understand that this is important.

Chris is another kid we were teaching. I think I already told you guys about him. He was trying to save up money so he could move to Provo, Utah with his wife and daughter. Because he worked so much we never even got to teach him the restoration... he came to church and we would talk a little when we saw him but we never had a sit down lesson until last night... the night before he left for Utah. We met at the church and gave him all of the pamphlets we would have gone through with him. We highlighted all the important parts. We gave them to him and told him to read them on his bus ride to Utah. Then we told him to get in touch with the missionaries there.

Well everything is good here... I just gotta go... haha sorry to cut it short! I love you and I'll try to get you pictures soon!

-Elder Stewart

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