Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter 39

March 11, 2012

Hola mis queridos amigos y mi amoroso familia!

Holy smokes! Mom you ask a lot of questions.... how am I going to answer all of them?! My companion E. Lieva is not poly. haha He's from Chicago. But his family hails from Guatamala and some other Latin countries. He's super cool and we get a long great! haha I'm always making him laugh... I guess I'm just a funny guy. He like can’t breath sometimes. I told him the story about that Black Guy at the Walmart that asked us if we were "On break" and he was dying haha. So yeah we get along great!

Our apartment is pretty sketchy.... but its ok. We're gonna shape it up in these next few weeks. Its just E. Leiva and me there... so no roommates. I unfortunately am not in a Corrola... I am in a Ford Focus.... Boooooo...
I love the area. The people here are so nice and the members are really willing to help with missionary work. E. Leiva and I are going to be working with the members a lot to find new investigators. We have 3 pretty solid investigators that we are working with right now. A little family: Jessie and Krystal, and an 18 year old girl: Roxanne. Jessie and Krystal are all set to be baptized, they area just waiting for a letter from the First Presidency for approval. They are amazing and are seeing SO many blessings from living the Gospel. It was so humbling to see Krystal help their 7 year old daughter to pray. The Gospel is beautiful. This week we’re going to help them set goals for the temple.
Roxanne is the daughter of a less active member that just started coming back to church. She's super cool and understands everything and is progressing to be baptized on the 25th. The area here is just ready to blow up. I can feel it. E. Leiva and I are going to see lots of success.

So you didn’t like the candy huh?..... you ungrateful SONS OF GUNS!!! haha jk that candy is so nasty haha that’s why I sent it! April fool on you! You can still give it to the Judy kids too... that would be funny. That’s good to hear that my jersey was in there too! I was kinda freakin’ out... hahaha. The reason I didn’t put more in there is because I was super rushed... but next time I'll prepare better!

Sorry I don’t have time to put pictures on here or answer ALL of your questions.... but you can always write me a handwritten letter and I'll answer you back... I basically don’t get any mail so.... haha I love you and I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Stewart

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