Monday, June 3, 2013

Letter 98

June 3, 2013


FYI - JORDAN COMES HOME ON Wednesday, June 5th!!! He will be reporting on his mission on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. in the chapel at 865 W. 1000 N. in Oremwith refreshments after at Jordan's home.  We previously announced that he would speaking on the 23rd however due to some scheduling conflicts it was moved to JUNE 30TH @ 9 A.M.  We hope you will be able to come and see him!





Haha man It feels so weird to be writing this letter. I honestly didn’t think this would come so fast. I feel like after this I'm just going to go out at prepare myself for another vigorous week of serving the Lord, but sadly I know that isn't true. Mom it definitely is a BITTER-SWEET experience. But I guess I'll talk more about that later. I don’t want to break down in the library before I finish the darn letter.


I'm so excited to hear that Madi got accepted into the interior design program at Utah State! All that hard work paid off huh! Wow Madi, you're an inspiration to me and I hope that I can go after my dreams like you. Keep up the great work and keep working your behind off! Because when you get done with your homework you can help me with mine :) haha jk.


I'm glad that you all got a laugh out of that phone call from Elder Valdez haha man I am a ditz! (he forgot his pin number for his debit card – a week before he comes home!) I guess some things don’t change haha. I even asked Elder Valdez when he called me back if dad laughed when he asked him for it. He said no, but I know my family all too well... I'll be hearing it for the next two years! haha


Don't freak out Paige! haha just try to get as many shots and angles as you can and I'll edit it. Just as long as there is a lot of different footage it should be good. If you can, get some shots of the family all together and then me on the escalator and then just go for it, just keep rolling. hahaha I hope that helps. Probably not. It’s not that big of a deal.


I'm going to sell my bike for $60 bucks to Elder Rios, a Senior Missionary that works in the office. He asked if I would sell it to him and I said, "Sure!" So that’s that. I don’t think its really worth $100 mom. It’s been under my bum on South Texas roads for 2 years.... ewww..... I'm happy to get 60 bucks off of it. I'm gonna miss her though. She was a good little bike.


Now for what happened this week. Well like I told you in my last letter, last Monday I got sick. Then the next 2 days I was still recovering and Elder Nielson got sick haha. So we didn’t get too much work done for those first few days... definitely not something that you want to happen on the last week of your mission. After we were all better we started to get to work. We received a voicemail from our Zone Leaders on Thursday night with Transfers and it was nuts! Our entire district is getting whitewashed! We definitely were not expecting that. Everyone in our apartment will be gone! Elder Greenland and I are going home, Elder Miller is going to Laredo, and Elder Nielson is going to La Joya East in the Mission Zone (the area right next door). When the Velasquez family heard they were not very happy. They knew I was leaving but when we told them Elder Nielson was leaving they were really sad.


Speaking of the Velasquez family. Sis. Velasquez was the only member of her family confirmed yesterday. It’s kinda a long story so I can tell you when I see you :) The rest of the family hopefully will be confirmed the following Sunday.


There aren’t words to describe the love and gratefulness I feel for my Heavenly Father and for calling me to serve in the Texas McAllen Mission. I will forever be changed by these experiences I've had. Thank you all for your support and prayers. This work is true and it is lead by our Lord and Savior. He lives. I bear this testimony and will forever in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


-Elder Jordan Stewart

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