Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter 97

May 28, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week was nuts! Probably one of the craziest of my mission... better late than never right? But before I get into the details I better answer some of your questions.

I still don’t know where I'm going to sell my bike. Hopefully I can find a member that knows someone that would want to buy it because I don’t know if they will give me a good price for it at a pawn shop. I'll be asking around this next week.

Elder Nielson, Elder Miller and I are playing a prank on Elder Greenland. We took all of his ties except for one really ugly one and hid them. Now he has to do a scavenger hunt over the next 5 days until he can get them back. It’s super funny. It's super complicated... I don’t know how it escalated so far, but that’s what happens when you cant watch TV for 2 years, you have to find different ways to entertain yourself.

I got super sick yesterday! When I woke up I had some tummy problems and I had diarrhea. Then we went shopping and I just felt super weak. When we got home I decided to just lie in bed and before I knew it I had a fever! I threw up and was feeling super crappy and weak and so I just slept. I got dehydrated because we didn’t have any water in our apartment and then my lower back started to hurt. I thought I had a kidney infection or something! It was the pits! The other Elders went to go get some water and after I had drunk a few glasses of it I felt a little better. When I woke up this morning I just had a little headache and I was weak, but I haven’t felt like throwing up and my lower back isn’t achy anymore. Hopefully I'll be back to 100% by tonight. Definitely not something that you want to happen on your last week :( I think I'll be fine though.

Like I said this last week was nuts! The Velasquez family had their interviews at 2:00 and their wedding at 4:00 on Saturday. We were a little bit late to their interviews and so they started a little late. They all passed their interviews but they needed to go pick up the cake for after their wedding and they still needed to get dressed and it was like 3:45. They hurried and left to go get the cake while we waited for everyone to show up to the wedding. They didn’t come back until like5:00! Geez... the wedding was great though. I was smiling from ear to ear watching them make such a beautiful promise and I can’t wait ‘til they can make that promise eternal.

The next day was the baptism. It started at 6:30 so to prevent them from being late we told them to come at 6:00. They didn’t show up until like 6:50! Man this family is always late! Once they got there we had them all get ready. All of them were dressed in their baptismal clothes, all except Sis. Velasquez. Her suit didn’t fit. She was feeling really overwhelmed and stressed and after this little wardrobe malfunction she lost it a little bit. She said that she wasn’t going to get baptized that day. She wanted her family to do it but that it wasn’t happening for her. She went to her van and broke down crying. A member went to go help calm her down/convince her to come back while we told Bro. Velasquez to switch her suits because his was a size bigger. When the member successfully convinced her to come back we gave her the other suit, but she was still decided whether or not she would be baptized. Finally her daughter went into the bathroom and said, "Please Mom. I want you to go to Heaven with me." and that softened her heart. She put on the suit and she and her family were baptized. It was definitely one of the craziest most stressful baptisms I've ever been a part of! Not to mention that the font wasn’t holding water and Elder Nielson had to get in to put a heavy rock on the drain to make it hold during the first part of the service AND they spelled their names wrong on the programs. hahaha man... you gotta love the mission!

I love being a missionary more than anything in the world. Thanks for supporting me over these two years. I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

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