Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter 94

FYI - JORDAN COMES HOME ON Wednesday, June 5th!!! He will be reporting on his mission on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. in the chapel at 865 W. 1000 N. in Orem with refreshments after at Jordan's home.

May 6, 2013

Hola todos mis queridos!

Ojala que todos esten bien y que esten difrutando la semana. Aqui en la hermosa clima de tejas estamos experimentado milagros! Elder Nielson and I are working hard here trying to find the elect and the Lord is blessing us; but more of that after I answer some questions.

First. Mom you and Dad are most definitely boring. hahaha JK jk... I love you both very much. Tell Madi to quit being lame and be more like you two. That means no staying up late! Unless it’s to watch the news in your room and after that reruns of Cold Case! HAHA :P

My apartment is pretty nice. No CUCARACHAS! That’s a plus! Its a four man apartment. Elder Nielson and I and then Elder Greenland (from my MTC group) and his greenie Elder Miller. We all get a long great have some pretty fun times. I drew cartoon versions of everyone in my apartment and they’re pretty funny. I drew myself smiling and waving because that’s what I'm always doing! Even if the people I wave at don’t wave back.... haha Sometimes its because I just wave at awkward times.

I haven’t really thought about selling my bike yet. Elder Greenland was going to sell his bike too and so I think I'll sell mine with him. I'll be sure to let them know about the things I've done to it and get a good price.

I think its pretty crazy that Rick is coming home the same day as me (the day after actually)! We've been emailing each other and he told me that and I was like WHY? hmmm... That should be fun though. I can be a weird return missionary with him! We'll be companions! WOO WOOOP! It’s just another transfer Elder Doxey! haha jk we're not that weird right?.... :(

The work here is going really well. Like I told you last week we were able to find a family of 4, the Velasquez family, and they are progressing really well. We have high hopes for them. This week we taught them the requirements for baptism and gave them a Baptismal Checklist. We also taught them in that lesson about the Holy Ghost and how they could receive an answer through prayer. We invited the mom and the dad to each offer a prayer and ask God if they should be baptized. After each of their prayers we paused and listened to the Spirit. A profound feeling of peace was felt and it was undeniable that God had answered their prayers. Bro Velasquez felt the Spirit really strongly and even cried. Of course Elder Stewart cried too.... haha what else is new. The next lesson we had a tour of the Church and a lesson on the Sabbath Day. They were super committed to church but when Sunday rolled around they weren’t at the capilla (chapel) on time! We called them and called them and finally the mom answered. She was all ready and dressed with her kids but Bro Velasquez had left with the car earlier that morning and still hadn’t returned! Sis Velasquez was super upset as were we. It was a real disappointment for all of us. So we're going to have a serious talk with Bro Velasquez. What's good is that he has already received an answer from God that this is something he needs to do and we can use that to motivate him and help him understand the gravity of what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I love that family though. I know they'll still get baptized and this is just a little hiccup.

We also had someone else at church this week named Maria who we’re going to follow up with today. She is a lady probably in her 50s that takes care of her kids and grandkids. A member took her to church and from what it looked like she really liked it. We'll see where that goes. She has a date on the 2nd of June.

Other that that Elder Nielson and I are still working to find the elect here in the beautiful area of La Homa! Everything is going great here and I'm super excited for what lies ahead!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Remember to SMILE!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

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