Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Letter 95

May 13, 2013


Hello Family!


Man it feels like just yesterday I was talking with you... OH YEAH! CAUSE IT WAS! haha I hope you all enjoyed watching those family videos after you got off the phone with me. I love watching videos of our family together. I know there is nothing else as important as family. It is central in Gods plan. He didn't send us here alone but He sent us to families. I am so blessed to have been sent to all of you and we are all blessed to have the knowledge that because of the covenants we have made we can be together forever as we are faithful. You are all perfect for me and I love you all so much.


I wanted to write a special message to my Mother as it was Mother's Day yesterday. I don't feel like I really had much of a chance to express fully my gratitude and love on the phone. I tribute all that I am and all that I have come to be to the fact that I have been raised by such amazing parents, and mom you though "imperfect" are perfect for me. I am so grateful for your example of kindness and care through out the years. I know that sometimes you didn’t let me have the "freedom" that other kid's parents did, but I always knew and understood the reason: you love me. I want to let you know that I love you too. You've taught me how to worry about other people and have sincerity in what I do. You are an example of charity. I'm glad you recognize your faults because it teaches me to recognize mine. I don’t care if you aren’t the perfect mother because like I said you are perfect for me. I will always be proud to be called the son of Kimberly Ann Thorpe Stewart. I love you Mom.



Anyway... now that I'm tearing up in the Library... This week was really great. We had 6 people at Church yesterday! What’s better than 1 family at church?... 2 FAMILIES AT CHURCH WOOOOO! (Elder Peterson taught me that one ;) ) Yeah the Velasquez family came to church and the Berrones family came. It was quite a surprise too. They were a former from a few months ago that we decided to stop by and invite to church. They said that they would like to but weren’t sure because the mom always has to work on Sundays. Come Sunday and after Sacrament I get up and see them sitting in the back! Turns out she got FIRED! What a blessing! hahahaha! She can come to church now! We're going to see themtonight.


Hopefully this week we can get the Valasquez family married and they can be baptized soon! WE'RE HAVING A WEDDING! WOOO!


Anyway… I'm just about up for time. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!


-Elder Jordan Stewart

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