Friday, April 13, 2012

Letter 43

April 9, 2012

Hola Familia
Its good to hear that your still hanging out with Auntie Tye! Man, I love that woman! Thanks for the Easter package too! The chocolates were pretty darn melty, but everything else was good! I LOVE THE BIKE LIGHTS.... although... I wanted it in blue... not yellow! GEEZ MOM! haha jk jk. Like you always say,"Beggers can’t be choosers". LOVE YOU! I shared the cookies with Jesse and Krystal and their family. They loved them!
It’s funny that you asked about Jesse and Krystal, because this weekend they were baptized! They have been waiting for SO long waiting for that First Presidency letter. I was beginning to wonder if it would happen. But it came right before General Conference and we have just been talking it over since then. Jesse has been trying to figure out things with a job he was going to take in Georgia, so we wanted to get them baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Easter Sunday before he left. So that’s what we shot for! It was probably one of the most rushed baptismal programs I have ever put together, but everything went great! We had the talks assigned the day before and we printed the programs like 15 minutes before the service and everyone was ready to go and it was awesome! Sunday they were confirmed and the spirit was so strong. They both were crying and I knew that they had felt the change the Spirit brought. It was an amazing experience. Now were just working on getting their new member lessons taught and setting goals for Jesse to get the Priesthood and their family to go to the Temple to be sealed. Oh, and in the bathroom when we were changing Jesse told me that he might not even be taking that job in Georgia after all because they're taking so long to get back to him! That would make it SO much easier! It truly was a miracle. I had been praying that he wouldn’t take that job. Heavenly Father answers prayers! I'll send some pictures of their family.
Mom, you'd be happy to know that Krystal said that you looked like a movie star. I showed her your picture and she's like, "Wow your mom looks like an actress!" haha so there you go!
I hit a bird with the car yesterday... it was just sitting there in the road and they USUALLY move when you approach them. BUT NOOOOO... not this bird. He was "brave". I was like,"WOAHH, NOOOOOO!!" I have never hit an animal before in a car. I was so ashamed. But my companion said it "flew away" . I don’t know if it was because of the impact, or because he was really ok and he used his wings. All I know is that he went under the car and came out the back... ooops!
Yep those are my boots! How do you like them? Boot sizes are a little bit different than shoe sizes... and I think my feet are shrinking... If that’s possible. I'm not gaining or losing any weight out here either. Weird. 160 FOREVER!
I guess you could say this week has had its pros and cons. We had interviews and a zone training which was awesome! I love trainings! We talked about how we can work better with the members. Which is much needed in my area, because we are struggling to find new investigators. Now we have a ton of ideas on how to help the members with their missionary work. In my interview President Trayner told me that this week E. Rightmier was making the decision whether or not he is going to stay on the mission or go home. He has been struggling with a lot of emotional things and his injuries aren’t helping. He's has been pretty depressed. E. Rightmier told me that he was leaving. I didn’t know how to help him. He has already spoken with doctors, President, and 2 members of the 70. I didn’t have anything to say. His heart is completely set. I feel terrible... I feel like I could have helped him more. I tried to be a good example, but I couldn’t change his heart. His "treasures" are all at home I guess. "Where your treasures are, there will your heart be also." His treasures weren't here and there wasn’t anything I could do to change that.
Well I'm going to continue to work hard out here in Donna and pray for miracles to happen. I love all of you and pray for you all the time.

-Elder Stewart

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