Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter 44

April 16, 2012

Hey Ya'll!

So... Elder Rightmier decided to go home. It was really sad that I couldn’t help him, but he'll be ok.  So in District meeting the day before he left, Elder Mecham our District Leader said,"Well I don’t have any announcements..." then he asked the Zone Leaders if they had any. One of them, Elder Chick, said,"Elder Stewart needs to be in McAllen tomorrow at 9 for New Trainer Training." hahaha I was like... "Excuuuuse me?" haha so I guess I'm training. I'll be pickin’ the ‘lil guy up tomorrow! (Transfers are tomorrow mom and the next is 6 weeks from tomorrow, and so on) I'm going to be a daddy!! I think I'll name him Elder. I’m really nervous to train. Haha but I know that the Lord has called me and I have to try my best. I will be as exactly obedient as I can be for my new companion. I have a really good feeling that good things are going to happen in my area with him. Hopefully he has a real desire to serve the Lord. I need someone that can work and is upbeat. Donna needs a companionship that is going to do whatever it takes to find those prepared people. I will try my best to do my part and make up for whatever else our companionship lacks. I’m really nervous, but I’m also super excited. I can just feel that this is going to be a great experience for me!
This week has been pretty weird. I have been working in the Llano Grande Area since Wednesday, so did very little work in my area of Donna. So... that was really weird. Anyway.... I really enjoyed my time in Weslaco and I had great experiences with Elder Jensen and Elder Reid. Both of them are great missionaries. They are both from Utah and Elder Reid is actually from Orem. His brother ran for Student Body Artist but didn’t get it! hahaha I was like, "It was probably my sister Madi's fault." Anyway he's super cool. He was Elder Peterson's comp in the MTC. But yeah... Our threesome was the! There never is a dull moment when there’s three of you, especially when you get along. haha it was really fun. It was weird for them because I brought the car into their area and they weren’t used to drivin’ around. We found an awesome family and another man that are preparing for baptism. The work is good in Llano Grande, now lets focus on Donna!

Our investigators are none existent! haha but that means that my greenie and I are going to have our work cut out for us! We'll be finding all over the place! Oh haha funny story: On Saturday we were working in Donna for only an hour and we came to this house and contacted 21 year old girl inside. She acted super weird and I kinda got the impression that she was talking to us for the wrong reasons. But we set up a return appointment for the next day. So we go back and she wasn’t there. We called her and left a message. Then later that night she texts us and tells us sorry she wasn’t there. I told her, "Its ok we'll just come back another time." but then she said, "Oh I’m like never home." So... I asked her when we could come by and she said,"I don’t know... You guys were really CUTE!" hahaha So I said,"WELL... we were just there to teach you the gospel...." Then she was like, "Yeah I know. Thanks so much." I then asked her if she was even interested. She said no. Then I said,"Cool thanks see ya" And that was that......... then I found 20 bucks..... Maybe you had to be there..

Jesse and Krystal are doing good. BUT Jesse lost his phone and we can’t get a hold of him unless we just go over there. But all is well. The ward has been really helpful trying to get their New Member Lessons done. They're great!

Other than that I don’t have anything else to write... Oh I got a letter from Shayla Gibb! That was nice. haha So I'll be writing her soon. Have a Great Week and I'll be calling you in a few weeks!! CRAZY!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

PS-My bike is in my apartment mom

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