Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter 69

November 5, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Well it sounds like everything is getting back to normal there in good ol’ Orem, Utah (aka Zion) and I'm glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy.

Elder Williams and I are really struggling to find new investigators, but something really cool happened this week. Last week Elder Williams went on an exchange with Elder Aguilar and he told E. Williams that he should pray specifically for a miracle. So, he prayed specifically for someone to pull us over and tell us that they wanted to change their life. The next Monday we were running late to an appointment when a big white truck pulled over. A guy got out and flagged us down. He told us that he didn’t know why he stopped but that he really wanted to change his life and he knew that we helped people do that. So we met with him twice this last week and told him what we do and invited him to be baptized. He accepted, but unfortunately he didn’t come to church. His situation is really hard and he's lacking the faith to make those changes. BUT the amazing thing is that our Heavenly Father is so aware of us and when we ask him specifically he will answer us. Now everyone has their agency, but we should act on those answers we receive.

We are still teaching that Part Member Family. Bro Alvarado! He's super cool! The only thing is that he works in the oil fields for one week and then the next he’s off. So this week we only got to teach him three times and now he's heading back to work for the rest of this week. He's really awesome and knows the church is true... but he fights himself and puts doubts in his mind. He'll be baptized though... I'm sure of it. We had a lot of spiritual moments with him this week and he really liked church.

Eliud kinda fell off... we can’t find him... if we can’t talk to him this week we're going to have to drop him.

We didn’t do anything for Halloween... haha I know... we're lame. We went to the Trunk or Treat for like 30 minutes and talked to the Harkriders then we just went home. I love the Harkriders. We had an FHE with them this week and we taught them about the "Armor of God" and they liked it a lot. We had Sebastian wear the armor (I sent him a breast plate, shield and sword in his Halloween box) and then we were done we took pictures of him doing a war cry! He's such a boss. Then he ran around hitting his brother. ANYWAY... after the Trunk or Treat we went home and studied Spanish.

Tell Ben that I said hi! I've been wanting to write him and TJ and Peter since I've been out here.. but I don’t have they're addresses... and I'm too lazy to ask you for them I guess.... I really love those guys and hope that they go on missions. There is nothing better than serving the Lord.

I start as District Leader at the start of this next transfer. I don’t know if I'm going or Elder Aguilar but I bet I'll stay. If I do I'll still be on the bicicleta. This week we have a Three Day Leadership Training that Elder Aguilar and I will need to go to, so Elder Williams, Elder Wilding, and Elder Stott (The other district leader's comp) will be covering three areas as a trio! It’s going to be really fun though. I'll get to see a lot of my friends in the mission and learn how to better myself as a trainer and district leader. I'm pretty excited for that.

I think I just might send that box at Christmas time... it could use a few more things inside anyway. Yes, I did buy a new memory card so I might send the old one in the box.

hmmmm... I don’t think there is anything else left to say. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Con amor,

Elder Jordan Stewart

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