Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter 75

December 17, 2012

Hola Ya'll and a Feliz Christmas 
It sounds like the Garner Christmas party was pretty "sick" HAHAHAHA... yeah... I’m kinda glad I missed that haha. Sounds like everyone is doing well though. I'm really sorry to hear about Bro. Liddiard. I had just gotten a card from them this week. Sister Liddiard is such a sweet lady and I'm so grateful for her example and strength. Give her a big ol’ hug from me ok?
Yep I got Sadie’s presents and I look forward to opening them everyday! Thank you Sadie! I love you! I'm on the 4th day of Christmas today... I wonder what it is.... :). I haven’t gotten your present yet mom. I bet I will this week after transfers. They're on Tuesday and everyone in my apartment is staying the SAME!! Looks like I'll be in Edinburg for 6 more weeks! WOOT! Oh... and I wasn’t able to get a picture with the mall Santa last Monday... IT COST 20 DOLLAR BILLS... I don’t want to spend that much for one little picture. I even asked if I could use mi propia camara and they said I could but I would still have to pay 20 bucks! So I got a different one... I hope it still counts :D. 
This week our district has been struggling with finding. I talked with Elder Hasler my Zone Leader/former companion last night and we thought of some ideas that I could use to help the District do better to plan and stay connected with our goals, especially with finding and member work. All of our areas have amazing members and we need to be using them better to do the work. Being a District Leader is fun because it helps me develop problem solving skills. I'll be having a comp study with each companionship this week to try to figure out what we can do to improve our ability to hit our goals.
 Our week was really tough. Elder Williams and I had a hard time focusing on our finding goal and we weren’t able to find ONE single person. We found a lot of potential investigators, but none who we could meet with. BUT this is the Lord’s work and we know that He is working in His vineyard with us and is preparing people for us to find, we just have to be doing all that we can do to receive that help. We have specific plans made for this week to try to hit our goals and we are going to hold ourselves accountable.
 Mario is really sick and wasn’t able to be baptized this week. He still wants to be baptized but we might have to wait a little while. Hopefully this week he'll be well enough.
 Gina got a job and now works on the weekends and so SHE couldn’t get baptized this week either! UGHHHHGGHGH! We committed her to get work off this week and she said she would do all she can. It’s really frustrating when you do so much to help people to get baptized and then something stupid like that happens. I really hope and pray that they'll let her have work off on Sundays.
 Saul Alvarado was confirmed yesterday and is doing well.
 I'm hoping to buy some frames and get some copies of the picture that I’m drawing so I can give them to my recent converts. SO if you see that on my card... that’s what it is.
 Welp, I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! GET YOURSELF IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE!
 -Elder Jordan Stewart

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