Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter 78

January 7, 2012

Elder Hasler just informed me that transfers will be on the 5th of February. I don’t know what to tell you about my package... I would love to get pictures of the family! like... an album of some pics. OH and maybe you could send me some of my baby pictures! I miss having those in my wallet haha.
That’s crazy that everyone is getting married! They really are droppin’ like flies... welp my fellow missionary friends, it looks like we'll have ZERO options when we get home :( thank goodness we have each other! :)
This week went well. Everyone in our District brought someone to church and it looks like we will all baptize this month at least one. Our finding has been looking good as well for the next month of February. BUT it could definitely be better. The district needs to improve in Finding and Member Presents if we are going to have any chance of reaching 2 baptisms each next month. The progress is definitely there though and as we keep planning and focusing on those areas that need the most help we'll reach it! Its exciting setting goals! Our goal for this new year is 1200 baptisms as a Mission the same as it was when I first came in and I'm super excited to work towards that! It’s going to take the efforts of each and every missionary.
It was brought to my attention again this week just how important to know that faith is more of a mental exertion than a physical one. At the end of the week I was following up with the Zone Leaders and they asked what ideas that I had to help inspire the district to do better and I couldn’t give them an answer. I have been physically trying my best to improve my area and help when I see the need, but as for mentally thinking and planning things that I can do to improve the district I've been lacking. I talked with Elder Harris and he helped me think of some things that I can do as a district leader to not only focus on my efforts when they're needed, but to take the time to think of the district and make plans before more problems arise. I need to have the VISION to help the district. A leader needs to be actively engaged in trying to see ahead of what everyone can see and then help them to see it and prepare for it.
 This week Elder Williams and I had 2 lessons with a part member family that we're working with Gustavo and Gus his son. They are excited to learn and are preparing to be baptized on the 27th of January. The dad seems a little hesitant to accept the date but said that he will prepare himself. We taught them about prayer and the spirit yesterday and it went really well. Gus is a really cool kid and loves church. He said that he learned that "we need to exercise our priesthood!" haha but he's only ten and doesn’t have the priesthood yet! But he's definitely excited to exercises it when he does!
 We also found a really cool lady named Rosie yesterday. We were going to visit a potential investigator but it fell through. We were about to leave when I felt we needed to knock a few doors first, specifically one on the second floor that I felt impressed to go to. We went up and knocked and out came Rosie! She was really nice and once we explained what we do as missionaries she said, "What can you tell me about baptism?" haha  so obviously we taught her about... THE WORD OF WISDOM!! hahaha jk that would be ridiculous. We taught we about Baptism and set a date. She's really cool and excited to learn. We have another lesson with her this week.
 We also finally got to talk to the referral from that sister in the Spanish Ward. We originally weren’t going to be able to because the member told us that they were really busy with the holidays. We were pretty bummed, but then we got a text message with a referral for someone that went to So we booked it over there and whoda thought... it was that member’s sister that she was going to refer us to! They already know a lot about the church and they wanted to read the Book of Mormon, the only problem is they’re still in the middle of moving her from Monterrey and they'll be gone for like 2-3 weeks!! Oh well…now they have a Book of Mormon to read and gain a testimony of :)
 Well I hope you all have a great week and try not to freeze your bums off!
 -Elder Jordan Stewart

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