Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letter 82

February 4, 2013

Hey Todos!

Mom I know that your really anxious to hear about transfers so I guess I'll start off with that.... actually wait. I guess I'll answer some questions first. Yep I had a pretty good Birthday. Thank you so much for the birthday box! I loved that bearded beanie! You know me so well mom :D. Not much use for it right now but next year I'll sport it proudly! Thanks for the ties as well and yes the balloons were still partially inflated :). But on my Birthday all of our appointments canceled haha and I to top it off I got a flat tire! hahaha no worries though that happens lots of times. We spent the last part of the night with the Harkriders who made a delicious dinner of enchilladas suisas! Yum... I love that family so much. I would answer your other questions mom about the Harkriders, but I'm pretty sure you should already know all of those answers if you reviewed my past letters.......... thanks for remembering. Yes sister Harkrider was a member already and they have 2 sons: Derek (10) and Sebastian (5) and a little dog named Sonic as well.

It sounds like everyone is either leaving or coming home from their missions now! Give Caleb and Richie big ‘ol hugs for me and tell them that I love them and thank them for their examples! I think that means that I'm the next one...... Holy Smokes I AM THE NEXT ONE!! SHOOOT..... (Actually it’s Andrew Terry to come home next)

Elder Hardin came out with me. He wasn’t in my District in the MTC but we met out here and have become good friends. He's from Ohio and is going to BYU in the Fall. He wanted to know if he could live at our house while he goes to school to save a little money. He's a really good kid and is planning on getting a job as soon as he gets to Utah. Just let me know how it looks so I can tell him soon. He says he would be eternally grateful and he would be happy to oblige with all of your rules mom. He'll even clean the bathrooms ;) just let me know.

The investigators that Elder Williams and I have are progressing really well. Abraham and Ary came to church this week but weren't able to go to the classes because their little girl was being too distracting. She's a little monkey! She is always SO distracting in all of our lessons! We have a lesson today about tithing and I have faith it will be a good lesson.

Gustavo and Gus are still doing well. The biggest thing for them is to get a spiritual confirmation to motivate them to their specific date. We've talked to Gustavo (the dad) about it so many times and he says he knows its the right thing to do but he also adds, "but we'll see.." And little Gus is doing good. We're planning on getting those Book of Mormon cartoons from a member for him and his dad to watch to help them read.

Elder Williams and I also received a referral for a member's husband who is really cool and accepted a BD and another referral for a college student who also accepted a BD. In our second lesson she even invited a friend and we found a new investigator! We set up another lesson with them both on Saturday and we brought Pablo, a recent convert in the YSA that helps us out a lot. We get there and all the lights are on so we knocked on the door but no one came to the door. We knocked again and rang the bell. Still nothing. Then we said, "hmmm I wonder if anyone is home?" Then Pablo said, "Get up on my back and look in the window." Haha I was pretending to get on his back just playing along when all of a sudden he lifts me up and my face is in the window. I looked and saw our investigators roommate just standing at the kitchen sink and SHE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME! I yelled and he put me down and then we all walked briskly back to the car and left. hahahaha. We texted her yesterday about church and she said that we scared her roommate! Oops... we apologized to her and she said it was ok haha.

I guess now I can tell you what the Transfer Fairy has brought this time.... Turns out I'll be leaving Edinburg :( and I'll serving as a District Leader in Brownsville! I've heard lots of great things about that Zone and I think that after that I'll have pretty much been to the four corners of the mission!

The district is looking good to hit our goal so far in February and our eyes are set on a successful March. Lets hope Brownsville is looking the same! I love you all and pray for you every day! Thanks for your prayers I LOVE YOU!!!

-Elder Jordan Stewart 

PS- This is such a good Mormon Message check it out!

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