Thursday, February 21, 2013

Letter 84

February 19, 2013


I sounds like everyone is still leaving on missions! That’s so crazy that SO many people are leaving on their missions. Utah is going to be empty! haha I guess it will be pretty easy to get into BYU huh mom? I think I'll go to the Fall semester at UVU and finish my associates there and transfer in the Winter semester like you said. I think that will work out pretty good. Just don’t make me think about it too much
alright! I'm a missionary!

Alright, so we don’t have any room at our house for Elder Hardin to live. Do you think there would be a space at Chase and Austin's place? haha I don’t hear anything about those two ever. I think I still need to write Chase back... But if there is room at their place maybe Elder Hardin could live there and help pay rent and what not... I don’t know the details. Just trying to help out a friend. Let me know if there would be any other options.

Yesterday was one of the laziest P-days of my mission! Elder Hobbs and I cleaned the apartment really good while the other Elders that live with us (Elder Ayers from my MTC district and his comp/greenie Elder Garcia) came back from getting a hitch put on their car. When they got back we went to an all you can eat taco place and I ate 18 tacos!! They were pretty darn good too. Estaba satisfecho. After that we went shopping and were so full we didn’t buy hardly anything! After that we came home and I took a nap because all the blood was in my tummy and I was tired. SO I'm really sorry those of you that wanted a letter this week... I'll be sure to get you one next week. (Shayla thanks for your letter I'll write you next week... and probably Chase... I'm not sure I'll see what I can do I have lots of people to write because they build up)

This last week we had Leadership Training; which was amazing. I'm really grateful for the great trainings that I've received this past week and I'm excited to see the blessings that come from fulfilling ALL of the commitments we received! Elder Ayers wrote them all up on the whiteboard in his study room and there were a least 15! I'm looking forward to striving to keep them. I really believe that as the mission focuses on the basics we'll see a lot more success. Conversion in a proccess and if we focus on the basics of mastering it we'll be able to help our investigators to obtain it.

This week the District was able to find quite a few new investigators but we are still struggling to get them to church. On the the companionship of sister's investigator Rosio has been trying to quit smoking and after the sisters set up a plan to help her she slipped and smoked. She felt too avergonzada to come to church and even to talk to the sisters, but luckily they got a hold of her and set new plans for her to progress. I'm confident that she will :)

Elder Hobbs and I were to bring our investigator, Michael, to church this week! He is a 10 year old from a PM family that isn’t baptized and we are doing well to help he and his family come back to church and prepare for a baptism on March 17th. WE were also able to find a few people this week, but time didn’t permit us to set baptismal dates with 3 of them, Arnold, Yolanda, and Ashley, who are a young family. We set up a return appointment with them, but they called and had to reschedule. They said they still have desires to learn so hopefully we will be able to teach them again and help them receive a spiritual confirmation of everything. Something I've learned recently is the importance of our investigators receiving spiritual confirmations because those feelings that come from an answer from God will help them overcome the hard times and doubts that come in their way.

I'm so grateful for this beautiful gospel in my life. I know that if each one of us take time to look at the blessings we have received we will be able to feel the deep love that our Heavenly Father has for us. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

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