Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter 51

June 25, 2012


Well it sounds like the project at home is going well! Tell Gar-Bear to take it easy though! A man his age should not be so darn busy! hahaha jk Dad you are a handsome young man. Also how in the world did you get Austin to help with a house project? I think the last one he helped on was that darn fence and he was only there for like 1 day. Keep up the good work though fellas! I love you and wish I could be working at your side... unfortunately I have a more important work to do.

I appreciate that talk mom. I have read it before but I think that was exactly what I needed these last few weeks. It really didn’t mean that much to me the first time I read it but this last time around it really got to me. So thanks! If you ever want to send me any other talks just go for it! You know me... I like surprises!

Speaking of surprises... Will Collins got married huh? Tell him congrats for me. And Elisa and Shae both have boyfriends? haha that’s so weird... I remember talking about which one of those girls were going to get married first, now we will see who it is! By the way... I should be getting some mail out soon... I haven’t been very diligent at writing letters. Sorry!

I haven’t really used that sketch book you sent me since I left the MTC... I don’t like the kind of paper that’s in it. hahaha Sorry... I just draw all over my planners! Yes I rotate my shoes, and I don’t know if Austin told you but some wealthy members here bought me some new brown shoes... I tried to refuse but they wouldn’t let me. My shoes aren’t even bad!... I'll probably be sending them home. I never wear the "Boot Shoes"... at least not yet. Apparently "THE RAINS" are coming. Hurricane in the Gulf!!

This week was pretty good. It started off with an amazing Zone Conference! I learned so much. President Trayner gave a presentation about the Apostasy, the Reformation, and the Restoration chalk full of awesome scriptures and quotes. Apparently the man that started the Baptist Church said that no one on the Earth had the Authority to act in God's name and that they were just doing the best that they could until another Apostle came! I wished that we could have invited investigators to see that! It all makes so much sense I don’t see how anyone with half a brain doesn’t know the church is true! The Assistants gave an awesome training about having the faith and courage to act on spiritual promptings. I learned that it really doesn’t matter how much preparation you have until you USE it and follow the spirit.

So, together Elder Curletti and I have been working on being more valiant in inviting people to listen to us and to change their lives. We've tried to follow the spirit and see and hear people with spiritual eyes and ears and then act accordingly and we've definitely seen the blessings. We went to go visit a really strong member of the Spanish Ward, Hna. Rodriguez, whose husband isn’t a member and we invited him to read the BoM with us. We explained what it was with the Introduction and why it was important. At the end we invited him to say the prayer and he did. In the middle of his prayer he started to cry. He asked me,"Hermano, por que es tan dificil a orar?" (Brother, why is it so hard to pray?) I told him because when we pray we realize that there are things in our lives we need to change. The Spirit filled the room. We bore powerful testimony that we knew the Church was true and would bless his life and his family. We set a return appointment and taught him the Restoration and committed him to be baptized on the 22 of July. He accepted. He came to church and was welcomed in with open arms! It looked like he had been a member his entire life. His wife was so happy. She was holding on to his arm and introducing him to her friends. It was beautiful. It looked like he was home. He even attended a baptismal service after church! Hno. Rodriguez is one of the prepared ones, and I know there are a lot more like him out there.

Well I don’t think there is very much else to say... I love you all and I pray for you always! READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! I know the church is true! It’s more true to me now than it’s ever been in my life! Have a great week!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

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