Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter 47

May 29, 2012


Tell Great Grandpa Garner to keep hangin’ in there! Let him go to the Temple and to the Movies! He's older then all of you! haha He should have the most freedom! I love Grandpa Garner and one of my fondest memories of him is seeing him in the Temple when I went through for the first time. He is a great example to our whole family.

This week was pretty good for finding new investies. We found a total of 8 new investies but I think that only 6 of them will really stick. Two of them is a man, Ramiro, and his wife, Odett, yes... like the Swan Princess... To say the least I was busting a gut. Ramiro is probably one of the coolest guys I've met on my mission. He's like a mix between the actor Bradley Cooper and Puss n Boots. He's a good father, husband, and he actually likes to talk to us! haha He calls us his "Hijos" Im his "hijo mayor" apparently. Anyway.. I really would love to baptize his family. He has a cousin who is Mormon and so he knows a little bit about the church but he wants to see what its all about. His wife is super amazing as well. She made us sandwiches. She speaks English and Spanish and my boy Ramiro only speaks Spanish.

The part member family that we found last week needs to get married still. We're having a lesson with them tonight.

Maggie unfortunately dropped. Her mom and aunts all really hate every church except the Catholic church and so when they found out that she wanted to come to church with us they got all defensive and made her sign up for CCD classes (Catholic seminary basically). But Maxine told us that she is still reading the Book of Mormon so that’s good. I think she'll get baptized some day.

The Uke... I think I'm gonna send it home. I never really have time to play it. I like it, but I need to send it home. So the next package I send will have that in it. So yeah.... speaking of which was I suppose to get a package this week. I haven’t yet. I got Madi's Graduation Invitation... but darn... I can’t make it Mad sorry. I think you forgot I'm on a mission. haha jk you look good.

Welp... I can’t think of anything else to write... so... See ya!

-Elder Stewart

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