Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letter 54

July 16, 2012

Hola mi Hermosa Famila y Queridos Amigos

I asked President Trayner for permission to go to Hno. Rodriguez's Baptism but he said its a little too far to drive to Donna from Rio Grande. I thought it was worth a shot though haha. I'll just write Hno. Rodriguez a letter congratulating him and asking how it all went. I would rather have Elder Curletti baptize him anyway. He deserves it. I know that he and Elder Fenn are going to work miracles this transfer in the beautiful city of Donna.

Definitely did get the letters in the mail. I just love reading about my friends missions. I laughed so hard when Elder Howard said that little African kid peed on him haha; but honestly reading their experiences and their testimonies inspires me to be my best. I'm so lucky that I have such amazing examples as friends. We are like Elder Brown said a little army of missionaries haha and I hope we all meet again like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah. I'm pretty sure its safe to have packages delivered here too. I'm just about an hour away from McAllen.

Well I have a great testimony that President Trayner is definitely called of God because everytime I pray to be more humble he either sends my companion away or sends me somewhere like the little branch of Rio Grande. haha. I appreciate the challenge and I'm going to work my hardest to find the prepared sons and daughters of God here in our area of Las Lomas.

My new companion's name is Elder Montiel who has been out for about 6 months and is moving to his 2nd area. He's from Santana, California. He is Mexican and pretty cool. He likes Volleyball. Haha I'm still getting to know him but we get along great. We are whitewashing so neither one of us knows the area. But its ok... you know why? ... because we have a MAP! haha We have just been trying to meet as many members as possible and we actually found a few new investigators. One actually said she wanted to come to church but didn’t. I'm sure it’s because her husband told her she couldn’t... hopefully we can teach him the next time and soften his heart.

We are in a 4 man apartment. It reminds me alot of my apartment in Laredo. The other elders in the apartment are Elder Schull and Elder Su'a-Filo. Elder Schule is on his last transfer and will die here... hopefully not too hard. Elder Su'a-Filo has only been here for about 1 week. He's a Visa waiter going to Argentina. He was born in Hawaii and raise in North Carolina. He doesn’t look very polynesian though.

Our apartment is probably the most humbling part of the area haha either that or the little old red Carolla we drive. We only have 100 miles to go before we hit 50,000 on the odometer. Also, our apartment is infested with cucarachas. I'm almost afraid to buy food because all the cabinets that I would put it in are crawling with the little fellers. But honestly I love it here! I really do. I know that each challenge brings an opportunity to grow and learn I am learning so much about humility in my calling. Like my good friend Elder Brown, I've been reading Our Heritage and while reading of the humble beginnings of the Church and the faithfulness of the early Saints I have been inspired to work so much harder without complaining. Those faithful Saints suffered SO much and still they kept their eyes towards Zion and praised God. Those early missionaries didn’t have cars or bikes or apartments or even Preach My Gospel. They sacrificed time, talents, possessions, family, friends, even their lives and were willing to do it because of the testimony they have of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I need to be more like them. In fact the whole Church needs to be more like them and remember our humble beginnings and "turn our hearts to our fathers". There isn’t the same kind of faith as there used to be. Reading Moroni 7 makes that clear. Its because of our unbelief that miracles don’t happen.

Anyway I better get going! I love you all and hope you have a great week! You're always in my prayers!
I’m excited to go out this week and find those prepared people!

-Elder Jordan Stewart

PS-Elder Peterson you are a dirty rotten liar! I made you those FunFeti cookies while we were up in Corpus! Don’t you say that you have never had them before! hahaha LOVE YOU!

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