Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter 68

October 29, 2012

 Hey Everyone!
 I'm very sad to hear about Bro McCandless. He is a very good man and a really great friend. I remember when he would call me Planet Jordan. haha I am so grateful for our Father's beautiful Plan of Salvation. I know its real. I know that we will all see Bro. McCandless again.
 Thank you for getting me Zack's letters! I've been wanting to hear from that guy forever! I can’t wait to hear how he's doing "across the pond"... as they say.
 Well I've got some exciting news this week. Late Friday night President Trayner called me and asked me if I would accept the call to become a new District Leader. I accepted... but I have no idea where I'm going to be haha. I think I'll be staying here and taking over Elder Aguilar's calling and he will be moving somewhere else. But either way I'm humbled to accept the call to be a new District Leader and appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn how to deal with even more stress.... haha just kidding. I'm excited for a new challenge and pray that Heavenly Father will qualify me. I know that I will learn to trust in him even more than I have been, which is definitely something I need.
 Elder Williams is progressing well and getting a feel for the work. He is speaking more and participating in the lessons.
 The Beltran family is doing well... there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that they know that the Church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We had a lesson about the order of God and how he always calls Prophets then we left them with the Restoration Pamphlet to read. We had our next lesson at the church and we followed up with the pamphlet and they told us they felt the Spirit as they read! The bad news is they told us that they might be moving to Houston in the next couple of weeks. They also didn’t come to church this Sunday which was really surprising. We tried to call but their phone was off.
 Amber is progressing very slowly... We had a lesson about the scriptures and how we need to liken them to our lives and it was really helpful. We read Alma 22 about King Lamoni's father and his experience. But when we invited her to church she frankly said "nope". We told her that exercising her faith by reading, praying and coming to church was how she was going to know these things are true, but she insisted that she needed to stay home and that she wasn’t ready to come to church. Its looking like she might be one of those darn "permagators".
 Elder Williams are still struggling to find. We found one new investigator this week whose name is, Eliud. He's really cool and really interested in the Book of Mormon. When we knocked on his door he said he didn’t like church because they just say the same thing over and over again. So we figured we would tell him about something that no one else has. We'll see how that goes.
Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much and I hope you all realize how blessed we are to have the Gospel in our lives!
-Elder Jordan Stewart!
 ps yes I have my lights

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