Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter 4

July 5, 2011

Ok mom I was not chewing you out last week! haha I was just letting you know that it's hard for me to read your emails and then write you cause it cuts into my writing time. I’m sorry if it seemed that way haha. 

Life back home seems pretty normal. You all are just hanging out doing your thang... Chase and Austin going to the rope swing, Madi going to EFY and stuff, you and dad walking at nights, going to family baseball games and preparing for the family reunion (tell everyone I say hi by the way) you all are getting along fine without me! haha jk ... I really miss it haha but don’t worry about me MTC life is great! Being a missionary is the absolute best thing i could be doing right now.

So this week was pretty great.  We are starting to get into the 2 lesson on the Plan of Salvation. I hope you all realized how blessed we are to have a perfect loving Heavenly Father that provided us with a perfect plan to return to Him.  There is definitely a reason why it is called the plan of happiness, because when you live by it you'll be blessed and you WILL be HAPPY.  I love it.  I cant wait to teach the people of Texas about it.... man i just want to get out right now.... but that would be problematic... considering my Spanish sucks hahaha. 
Speaking of Spanish... My tutor challenged me to speak todo Espanol all week until Saturday (she challenged me on Saturday) and I was like "alright. cool. I can do that".  Well it turns out speaking todo Espanol all day makes me very frustrated and mad all day long... and I don’t learn anything because I can’t ask any questions in class because I don’t know how to... so after like 2 hours I ended that challenge. I will find a better way to learn Spanish. And mom its not that I’m not getting Spanish... I’m fine haha.  I get everything that we've be learning I promise hahaha I know your still going to worry about that though....

Mom's Questions: 1. Yes I have been getting all of the packages and I appreciate all of them! The reason why I don’t mention that is because I forget every time (imagine that haha) 2. I've seen Elder Crawley like 5 times since he's come in. Its so weird to think we're this old... it seems like just yesterday we were playing in his backyard. 3. Yes Austin they did let the missionaries watch the Fireworks on Saturday.  I was really surprised haha... I was so freaking tired after too... 11 is late now haha. but they were great... it was cool to think you guys were all there just a little ways a way enjoying them with me. That’s cool that Shae and Shayla were there too. I miss those girls. 4. No I cannot listen to any music at all.  I don’t know, its just some rule that they have... a really dumb one haha.  And no I haven’t checked the speakers yet... I’m sure they're fine! 5. My teacher Hermano Rodriguez is from Conception Chile. He is so freaking funny.  He's only been in the country for like 2 months so he barely speaking English. Its awesome, and it helps a lot to have a teacher like that. 6. I got Auntie Tye’s letter and package and it was amazing! I love that woman so much! give her a giant hug for me please. and Tanner too. I miss that big lug.  Tell him to hang in there…and to write me about this Katie... is it Katie Bertram?  TANNER you sleeze bag... hahah I love you. 7. No I did not sign my card yet... I forgot. I’m so sorry I will do it right after the Devotional tonight... sorry haha

My Questions: 1. Can you please send me more pictures! You know I like my pics!  hahah of like all my friends: Braden, Liza Lanham, Chris, I don’t know... just more sorry that doesn’t really help.... 2. How is Christian Peterson doing?! Does he have his call yet? What a lazy bum hahaha. 3. You threw away that old, heavy, white bench? I could have sworn you said that was a family bench... handed down or something. And mom you throwing away anything is pretty amazing. 4. How is the garden doing? 5. I don’t have any requests for my box... except pictures. I still haven’t finished anything you have given me in the other packages haha except the cupcakes and the peanut butter bars (which were amazing)... also that was not a question.... so.... 7. Do I have a lot of followers on my blog? Do people still like me? hahaha jk

Ok well I’m running out of time so ill end this.  I love you all and I’m so glad that I have a family and friends like you and that I know that we can all be together forever someday! Never forget that! I’m looking forward to hearing from you again. Also some people might not get letters until next week.... sorry I just didn’t get around to it. LOVE YOU!!

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  1. tell jord i read his letters every week on the blog!

    actually..i will just write him again and let him know :)