Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letter 7

July 26, 2011

Hola mi familia y mis amigos! Les amo!

Sorry mom I had to wait until the end of the day to send this because I didn’t get my letters until 5. I would have gotten them yesterday if it wasn’t for Pioneer Day. So yeah... sorry haha don’t worry I didn’t forget you.

I’m so glad that you and Auntie Tye still hang out even though I’m gone. I never saw True Grit though... Richie took Tanner for his Birthday, but I wasn’t invited I think... I looked pretty good though. Dad next time you should choose Robin Hood a guy gets shot through the neck with an arrow! hahaha I'm sure mom and Auntie Tye would like that!

Tell Trevor and Kim congratulations! I can’t wait to see some pics of their new baby.  Does Kaz like him? It sounds like everything back home is really going well though! I’m glad to hear that Grandma Stewart is doing so well. I have been keeping her in my prayers.

Grandma has been sending me letters about all the stuff she and Grandpa have been doing haha and I love it. Those two are always arguing about something.... my money is on Grandpa with this one though. No one gets between that man and his TV, especially not a darn tree.

Dad I have been keeping you in my prayers every night too! Good luck with everything! Just do you best... that’s all the Lord ever asks of us. Elder Bednar said once "Just be a good boy" and the Lord will guide you. You wont have to worry about anything as long as you're doing all that you can do. And I’m not too worried about that for you.  You have always been one of the hardest workers I've ever known, and the Lord knows that too. And I also want to thank you for all of the letters that you have been writing me haha I laugh at your spelling sometimes... but I’m so blessed to have a Father like you. Thanks for everything.  Te amo muchisimo.

I’m glad that you like the pictures that I’ve been sending. I'm always looking for ideas so if you or anyone has one for me let me know and ill see what I can do. I get them laminated at a place here in the MTC I like to call the Lamination Station. It only costs like 20 cents haha its awesome! I’m drawing a new picture of Christ because I didn’t really like the last one, and also one of Peter and Christ on the water hugging. They both look pretty tight. I also drew a picture of the 3 kingdoms of glory and I’ve used it in the lessons that I teach my progressive investigators. Grandpa was right. I can tell it’s going to soften some hearts once I get out into the field.

Speaking of getting out into the field I can’t wait!  It’s been TOO long! Freak... haha we get our TRAVEL PLANS on THURSDAY!! That’s when I’ll figure out all that info about our flight and junk. I can’t wait!  And tomorrow we get to Host the new missionaries coming into the MTC. It’s so crazy that that was 7 weeks ago! I hope I don’t have an Elder chase his family down the street... haha jk I don’t think that happens... right? hopefully not! haha

Whats up with my brothers not writing me?  Did I write them? I can’t remember... I keep a stack of letters that I need to respond to on my desk and I didn’t see any from them... so I don’t know. And freakin’ Ashton still hasn’t sent me a letter! He can’t be THAT busy as a flower delivery guy... I mean who delivers flowers anyway? haha I got a package from Shayla this week with cookies and pictures in it with a letter.  I love that girl.  It seriously made my day. Any of you other girls reading this just know I like letters and pictures... you know... if you want to make my day too! hahaha.  Also Liza sent me a letter too. She's in NYC right now at some dance thing. It was nice to hear from her. I gotta find out how her brother Braden is though.

Mom's Questions:1. Elder Ayers is going to the same mission as me (everyone in my District except Elder Carlson is going to my mission)... why did you ask that? I thought that was random... Oh and he's from Idaho Falls. 2. Yes I had my suit dry cleaned like 2 weeks ago and I also got dads red white and blue tie dry cleaned today.

Could you send me my soccer jerseys? I want to wear my Chilean one for my teacher haha. Also maybe some colored pencils? Other than that I dont know... more pictures? haha

yo se que esta Iglesia es verdadero! Les amo muchisimo! Adios!

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