Sunday, July 3, 2011

Letter Number 3

June 28, 2011

Hey family!

Ok mom please stop sending me your email on Mondays... because I don’t get them until Tuesday night and in order for me to respond to them I have to read them when I get online and that takes away from the 30 minutes I have to write you.  I'm sorry I would rather have time to read them beforehand so I can know what to respond to... so just write them on Sunday. 

Last week things were pretty crazy. All the Mission Presidents needed to be trained; so like all the General Authorities have been here.  Every single one; I haven’t seen all of them, but I’ve heard it through the grape vine.  While I was in line for lunch Elder Oaks walked by and I waved to him like an idiot... but he waved back so its ok.  At a special Friday night devotional Elder Bednar spoke to us, Elders Scott, Nelson, Holland, Oaks, Anderson, and Ballard were in the stand! It was nuts! It’s so amazing to see how much they care about the missionaries. Elder Bednar talked to us on what it means to be a Preach My Gospel Missionary. It was amazing!

Being District leader is really cool.  I get the mail for all my elders after lunch and dinner. I run District meetings and junk like that... And I just look out for all my elders.  Its a great opportunity to serve them.  I love it.

Mom's Questions: 1. Yes I got my packages and my debit card....I just haven’t gotten around to signing it or sending you the other one. 2. Yes I have been getting pictures. I'll try to send some with Madi’s letter. 3. My knee is fine I’m 100% 4. Yeah I see a bunch of people I know from high school in here (Dave McCallister, Tragen Herrick, etc.)

My Questions: 1. How did you know Jon Crawley is coming  in? 2. When does Kyle Tucker get in? 3. How are Chase and Austin and Ashton? 4. Does Chase have a girl friend? Haha 5. Does Austin hang out with my friends? 6. Can you tell Porter I said Happy Birthday?

Please tell Grandma I love and appreciate her letters haha she makes me laugh. But also I don’t have a ton of time to write to people, so I might not get back to her on every one.  I love her to pieces though. Her stories about Grandpa kill me. hahaha

Tell Madi a letter is on the way... I sent one to Rick and Tanner today too. Don’t worry I sent Rick's to the CTM in Brazil.... With the right kind of stamp... hahaha

Tell Momma Howard that I really appreciated the Doughnuts she sent and I would have written her myself but I threw the address away on accident haha oops...

Tell the ward I’m doing fine and I miss them and they are the best.
The language is going well too.  I got a new teacher and he's from Chile.  He totally drops the ends of his words off haha its awesome and hard but I can understand him pretty well.  All of my teachers are really impressed at how well Elder Hasler and i teach in Spanish... I’m kind of surprised myself hahaha. 

Any way... I love you guys and I miss you but I know that this is where I need to be.  I’ve grown up so much already... and its only been like what? 20 days? shoot... hahaha I’m still the same Jordan though!

I love you!

-Elder Stewart

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