Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures 2

All of the captions are what Jordan wrote on the back, some are pretty funny.
District- D
The McAllen Texas Elders
Murry, Hasler, Greenland, Ekenstam, Bice, Stewart, Ayers

Elder Ayers and I couldn't decide which acne cream to buy....
We asked a nice Hermana (sister) with clear skin and
she said to buy the one with exfoliating beads. So we did!
Now every night we have  exfoliating fiestas! Half our zone comes!
Exfoliation Sensation is sweeping the nation!

"Suspender Sunday" with Elder Ayers,  myself , Elder Carlson, and Elder Murray

Doin the creep with Elder Bruneil and Elder Wimmer
Elder Wimmer is from PG and he knows Trent, He actually was
in that Lip Synch thing I did, when we did Pussy Cat Dolls.

Mi Maestro: Hermano Rodriguez (his teacher, Brother Rodriguez)
I love this man! He's only been in the country for two months,
and he's pretty good at English. He's from Chile.

Jesus drawn by Jordan at the MTC

Joseph Smith drawn by Jordan at the MTC

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